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Mayock On Draft Strategy, McNabb

NFL Network's Mike Mayock appeared on CSN's *Daily News Live *program yesterday to talk about the two biggest issues facing the Eagles in the off-season. What will they do at the quarterback position, and what will they do in the NFL draft?

Regarding the much ballyhooed quarterback situation, Mayock said that he believes that the Eagles should be very careful moving forward because they already have one of the game's best players.

"All three Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks are in play in some way shape or form," Mayock said. "I'm not sure if the Philadelphia Eagles know what they're going to do yet so I don't think anyone else knows.

"I'm going to preface this by telling you what I think of Donovan McNabb, and I think this whole city is out of whack and has been. I believe he can win you a Super Bowl. The knock on him in this town is that since he hasn't (won a Super Bowl), let's blame him for everything and the next guy up, which happens to be a very good kid in Kevin Kolb, let's go try him. And my point is, be careful what you ask for because you already have a quarterback who's already in the second level of elite quarterbacks in this league. How do you know if Kevin Kolb's ever going to get there?"

One of the biggest reasons that the Eagles are so quarterback-rich right now is that they chose to stay true to their draft board in 2007. Picking near the top of the second round, the Eagles did not reach for a player to fill a "need" position, but rather acquired one of the game's more promising young signal-callers. Mayock extolled the virtues of picking the best available player in the draft.

"I think what people need to understand is that where (the Eagles) are drafting, towards the back end of the first round, you've got to be flexible," he said. "I think whenever you get too wired in to what your need is, you ultimately dilute the talent base of your team.

"So if you're picking 24th and you pick the 32nd guy on your board because he happens to be a defensive end when the No. 19 safety is on the board, you're diluting the talent base of your team."

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 11:37 a.m., February 12

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