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Make Your Kid A Pee Wee MVP!


Have you ever watched TV and seen kids doing things that your kid does and say to yourself, "Self, my kids ARE as good as that little guy ...and maybe even a little better?" Yep, me too. That was one of the reasons why I created a special segment in the Eagles' hit show, The Eagles Kids Club. My name is Rob Alberino and I am the Executive Producer of the program. The special segment I am referring to is "The EKC Pee Wee MVP." It's exactly what you think it is. During the season, my crew and I travel around the Philadelphia area and scout out amazing little football players, cheerleaders, waterboys, etc. ...and we make them famous. Period. We shoot scrimmages, practices, full games ...anything with Pee Wee football attached to it.

So how do you get your kid on this show ...and why would you bother? Well, I have 5 great reasons.

5. The show has won 8 Emmy's in 3 years for Best Show, Writing, Editing, Features and Design.

4. With the price of gas, my crew doesn't want to drive to Pee Wee games anymore!

3. Two Words - Fa-Mous.

2. Sheldon Brown was actually our Pee Wee MVP once!

And the first reason to do submit your kids as the Pee Wee MVP ...

1. Because he or she will be immortalized in Pee Wee greatness for all eternity ...or at least until next season…whatever comes first.

It's incredibly easy to do. So dust off the video camera because I don't care where you live – our Pee Wee MVP can come from any state, country or planet and can be seen not only on TV, but also all year long right here on in the multimedia section! So if you are a Tampadelphian, a California Green Bleeder or someone from South Philly, get me your DVD, VHS, Mini DV name it – we'll take it.

Please send what you can live without, because we won't mail back what we get!! (so make a copy for us and keep the original.) You can mail that, along with your email address and kid's information (name, age, position, team) to:

ETN – Pee Wee MVP Search Philadelphia Eagles NovaCare Complex One NovaCare Way Philadelphia PA, 19145

Thanks and we'll see your kids on our show!!!

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