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Maclin On Curtis, Going Back To School

Jeremy Maclin said Friday that he was surprised the team released veteran Kevin Curtis.

"It's unfortunate. I didn't really see that coming," Maclin said. "But that's how football is. You're renting space and eventually your lease is up. Eventually my lease will be up."

Maclin's "lease" doesn't figure to be up anytime soon, however, especially after a rookie year in which he produced 56 receptions for 773 yards and four touchdowns.

Regardless, the 21-year-old Maclin says he feels no added pressure to fill a starter's role he pretty much held much of last season.

"I feel like whether he was here or not, I feel like it was my spot to lose, my spot to maintain," said Maclin, whose reception and yardage totals were both the fourth-best ever for an Eagles' rookie.

Maclin's focus now is on getting his body right for the spring camps, training camp and next season. He says he has spent time looking at the workouts Ochocinco does with boxing and has even sought out film of Jerry Rice's legendary hill workout.

"I want to be in that kind of shape," Maclin said. "I feel like I was in shape last year, but I want to be in better shape. I want to be in tip-top shape and stay in shape."

Speaking of getting in shape, Maclin spent Friday morning doing just that as part of NFL Take A Player To School Day. Eddystone Elementary School fourth-grader Jared Ciarrocchi arrived at school in style, in a limousine with Maclin.

Maclin spoke to an assembly about the importance of exercise. He engaged in an entertaining Q&A with students - revealing his favorite show to watch while growing up in Missouri was Tom & Jerry (he admits he still watches it). Maclin also participated in the "Ultimate NFL Physical Education Class," as part of NFL's Play 60 campaign to encourage youth to get 60 minutes of exercise every day. The activities included Jumping & Pumping, Cone Course, Toning Training and Ultimate Activity Course. Check out photos below.

Photo Gallery : Take A Player (Jeremy Maclin) To School Day
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