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London Calling? Mack Hollins Previews Overseas Trip For Eagles

  • Mack Hollins spent his finals days before Training Camp all the way in the United Kingdom, as he was one of six NFL players chosen to take part in a media tour to promote the league's trio of games in London this season.

Follow Eagles wide receiver Mack Hollins for his trip to London for an NFL UK media tour.

Players typically spend the final days before Training Camp resting up before they begin to put their bodies through the rigorous gauntlet that is an NFL season.

However, wide receiver Mack Hollins spent his days all the way in the United Kingdom, as he was one of six NFL players chosen to take part in a media tour to promote the league's trio of games in London this season.

Joining Hollins in London were Titans defensive lineman Jurrell Casey, Raiders tight end Jared Cook, Seahawks cornerback Neiko Thorpe, Chargers linebacker Kyle Emanuel, and Jaguars kicker Josh Lambo, who Hollins and the rest of the Eagles will go up against October 28 at Wembley Stadium.

For Hollins, his time in London began on Monday, July 16 after a long trip from the United States. Since there were no NFL UK events scheduled for that day, Hollins got to enjoy some free time in London.

Despite being a little haggard from the long flight, Hollins found enough energy to take a stroll around the Soho, Westminster section of London, specifically Carnaby Street, which is full of pubs and shops to explore.

What drew Hollins' attention, however, was a record store that featured an assortment of house music.

Hollins worked up an appetite after all the walking, which prompted a trip to Nando's, a restaurant that started in South Africa and has locations in 30 different countries, including the United States.

After a little bit more exploring, Hollins' first night in London ended with a nice dinner at a bistro in downtown London.

It was a good thing that Hollins took time to enjoy London a little bit on Monday because Tuesday presented a long work schedule for him and the rest of the players.

The day began at about 9 a.m. in the middle of Piccadilly, a popular tourist destination in London, for a photo opportunity with the other players in their respective jerseys. It was here that Hollins got to meet his London opponent in Lambo.

From there, Hollins hopped in a car for a short ride to the historic St. Paul's Cathedral. While there, Hollins and Lambo learned about the cathedral's origin that dates back hundreds of years.

"It was really awesome to be able to experience it and take this all in — the architecture, the history — everything about it," Hollins said after the tour. "It's just so much you can learn in such a short period. Even if you came in here and didn't talk to anybody and just looked at it, it's an amazing experience.

"I really enjoyed getting a history lesson and learning a little bit more. Knowing that I'm walking in something that's older than our country is pretty incredible."

The clock moved forward to 11 a.m. in London and Hollins was now at the NFL UK office for a series of media interviews, including one with Lambo.

During one of the interviews, Mack and Lambo were pitted against each other to see who could solve a Rubik's Cube the fastest.

Unfortunately for Lambo, Hollins is very proficient at solving a Rubik's Cube. He even carries one around with him presumably in case a situation like this were to arise.

Lambo, realizing he was slightly overmatched against Hollins, promptly tossed the cube behind him and walked away, conceding defeat.

It only took Hollins a little more than a minute to solve the cube.

From there, it was time to get another bite to eat, which took him to Wagamama, which is a UK-based restaurant that specializes in Japanese cuisine.

While enjoying a bowl of ramen noodles a family that was visiting London from Washington, D.C. noticed Hollins and other members of the Eagles organization all wearing team apparel. The family then asked Hollins to take a photo, and he quickly obliged.

After Wagamama, it was only 3 p.m., meaning there was still about four hours until Hollins' appearance at the NFL UK live event later that night.

That left some time for some sightseeing. Fortunately for Hollins, the Tower of London was a stone's throw away from the restaurant. Hollins then made his way to the London Bridge. In order to cross the bridge, Hollins had to climb numerous flights of stairs that essentially served as a quality workout before camp.

Once he crossed the bridge, he then made his way to Couch & Hoskin Bespoke Tailors, which was established all the way back in 1908, to get fitted for a suit that he will wear when the Eagles travel to London for their game against the Jaguars.

Hollins got to choose every detail for the suit from the color down to its very fabric.

What was Hollins looking for?

"Honestly, the most British suit I can get," he said.

"What about suspenders?" the tailor asked Hollins at one point. Without hesitation, he answered, "Oh yeah!"

Hollins' media responsibilities picked back up at around 8 p.m. when he arrived at the Mermaid Theater for the NFL UK's live event. While sitting backstage, Hollins was asked to sign more than 100 photos that will be given to lucky American football fans in London.

Hollins quickly grabbed a Sharpie and got to work. He finished with plenty of time to spare.

Hollins was the last player to be introduced and received a very warm reception from the packed room of spectators, most of which were sporting some form of apparel from their favorite NFL team.

There was a good amount of midnight green in the audience.

Once the show was over Hollins and the rest of the players took part in a meet-and-greet with the fans before ending the night.

It was another early start Wednesday, as Hollins arrived at the Kings House Sports Ground in Chiswick, London for the Summer Bowl flag football tournament around 9:30 a.m.

Hollins was tasked with media obligations, but also with coaching up the children from all over London who were participating in the tournament.

For Hollins, that also meant coaching up the kids on their touchdown celebrations. That brought about plenty of opportunities for Hollins and the children to do The Floss.


After a full day of flag football, Hollins' ended the evening with another night of dining in London. This time, it was at Ciro's Pizza Pomodoro.

Thursday marked was Hollins' final day of media obligations in London. On the agenda for the day was a trip to Hertfordshire University, which fields an American football team, for a skills camp with media members and social media influencers from around London.

Hollins coached up wide receiver drills and had some fun with the media personalities, but he also delivered some words of wisdom to the Hertfordshire football players looking to one day fulfill their dream of playing in the NFL.

"Confidence is the number one thing," Hollins told the players. "You got to have that confidence. Don't be arrogant, but you got to really believe it."

While there, Hollins also learned of his rating in Madden NFL 19. Hollins is rated a 71 overall in this year's game. Needless to say, Hollins believes he should have been given a much higher rating.

"In Madden, you should get bumped at least 15 to 20 points for just having a Super Bowl," Hollins suggested. "Tom (Brady) would be at 150 because he's got a lot of Super Bowls, but me, I need to be at least an 85."

The next day, Hollins began the journey back to the United States to cherish the final moments before Training Camp kicks off. Hollins will return overseas, along with a few teammates and some fans, in just a couple of months.

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