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Lombardi Hints At Extended Role For Vick

During the entire off-season, it seemed the question was not would Michael Vick be a Philadelphia Eagle in 2010, but which other team's colors would he be wearing?

Well, the draft came and went and Vick was still an Eagle.

Vick got to showcase at the post-draft mini-camp how far he's developed with an entire off-season to train at the NovaCare Complex. The difference is night and day. Vick's footwork looked cleaner. His speed was eye-grabbing. It was hard to say in 2009 that Vick looked like the Pro Bowl quarterback that he was earlier in the decade. Now, it's a different story.

Kevin Kolb is the starting quarterback. There's no debate there. There's no competition. Kolb's lucrative one-year extension should have silenced any critics.

Vick is in line to be the backup, but according to NFL Network's Michael Lombardi it might be a bigger role than the one he had in 2009. Lombardi said Vick will play 12-15 plays a game and will be "a red zone player."

"That's what (the Eagles) have said all along," Lombardi said.

In 2009, Vick threw just 13 passes and ran 24 times. After two years out of the league, it was probably unfair to expect the Michael Vick Experience to return immediately. Lombardi explains that soon, whether it's at some point this season or next, Vick will be thankful that he got to work under head coach Andy Reid.

"He needs to follow Andy Reid's program," Lombardi said. "(He must think) Andy Reid's going to make me the starting quarterback, maybe not here in Philadelphia, but somewhere in the National Football League."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 9:00 p.m., May 8

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