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LB Jordan Hicks Feeling Good After Pinkie Injury


His right hand bandaged and a pinkie finger broken, middle linebacker Jordan Hicks took to the practice field on Thursday at the NovaCare Complex and was fine, just fine. He's going to be OK. The broken finger, which Hicks suffered when he slipped by the pool while on his honeymoon in Mykonos, an island in Greece, is nothing to be concerned with, Hicks said.

Oh, and he had a wonderful honeymoon, thanks for asking.

Hicks was a significant player of interest at the conclusion of the team's 10-10-10 practice in large part because of his injury. You are now free to breathe a deep sigh of relief.

"It was an unfortunate event. I was on my honeymoon and I slipped by the pool. I wish I had a better story," Hicks said, laughing. "I'm out here with a little soft cast. It's nothing. I've been through a lot worse. It's a pinkie.

"I slipped by the pool and tried to brace myself. The ground that they use out there is kind of, like, rocky and unstable. They use this, like, glaze over top of the rocks and I was getting out of the pool and I slipped by it. I tried to brace myself and unfortunately broke it (fifth metacarpal). During the season, guys play with this thing."

Hicks was a partial participant on the first day of camp, but he's only a few weeks out from the injury. After the injury, Hicks called his agent, Eagles executive vice president of football operations Howie Roseman, and director of sports medicine/head athletic trainer Chris Peduzzi. Calm and rational responses helped Hicks keep his cool, and a few days later Hicks visited Santorini in Greece, where he had an X-ray.

"We made sure everything was done the right way," said Hicks, who had a pin inserted into the pinkie. "They told me the next day they wanted me to move it around. You can see right here that I have no restriction in my movement. Practice is pretty much the same. It's been fast and I'm healing well. It's unfortunate, but it did not hold me back a bit."

Hicks, who had a history of injuries at the University of Texas and then suffered a torn pectoral injury midway through his rookie season with the Eagles, said he was "a little bit nervous" immediately after the injury. That's gone away. Hicks is good to go, with a full recovery ahead.

"This is not a big thing and I'm going to be fine," Hicks said. "If we were in the season, I would have played the next week."

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