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Jalen Hurts: Good, but not good enough

QB Jalen Hurts and WR A.J. Brown
QB Jalen Hurts and WR A.J. Brown

Quarterback Jalen Hurts exited the quieted Ford Field after the Eagles secured a 38-35 victory on the road in the opening game of the 2022 season.

His stat sheet read 243 yards on 18-of-32 passing, 90 rushing yards, and one touchdown on 17 carries. Most importantly – there's a tally in the win column, and it's one that should be attributed to Hurts.

His athleticism, particularly his propensity to scramble when his first and second reads weren't available – saved the offense in the Week 1 affair.

"I just thought it was a good all-around game that he had, and I thought he was seeing the defense well and getting us to what we needed to get to," Head Coach Nick Sirianni said on Monday. "I really thought he played a really good game."

The team persevered for a three-point win, but still, Hurts' focus remains locked on what it has been all offseason – improvement.

"It didn't meet my standards today. It didn't; I'll just say that," Hurts said.

"There's always more out there. We're going to go to work; we're going to work our tails off to continue to take a step, make progress, and grow."

Hurts' main target on Sunday was wide receiver A.J. Brown; he recorded 155 yards on 10 receptions tying his career-high in his Eagles debut.

But still, Brown made sure to address his captain's contributions postgame; he praised Hurts for his tenacious leadership in the face of the adverse atmosphere presented in Detroit's booming dome filled with confident and Hard Knocks-inspired fans decked in Honolulu Blue.

"We barely could hear him, but how he managed the game, I think he did really well. I'm sure he is going to say it wasn't good enough. But that's the mentality he has," Brown said.

The sentiment among the team is clear – winning is great, especially in Week 1, but their shared standard hasn't been met yet.

"I'm grateful he has that mentality because for all of us, it wasn't good enough. You know, that's how we're going to look at it," Brown said.

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