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Jackson: We Have To Be Accountable

Though head coach Andy Reid has not mentioned anything specific about considering a quarterback change, speculation has mounted since the Eagles' 30-17 loss to the Atlanta Falcons that a switch from Michael Vick to Nick Foles could be in the cards at some point. For now, of course, Vick remains the quarterback for an Eagles offense 14th in total yardage but 28th in points per game.

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson was asked about his read on the quarterback position for the Eagles during an appearance on NFL A.M.

"Honestly, I really haven't heard too much in-house," Jackson said. "Everything has been things that I've heard through radio or on TV. It's one of those things where we stay in tuned and whatever the coach decides to do, we definitely have to move along with it and hopefully we can get things turned around out here. It's one of those things right now where it's just tough. We're too good of a team right now to be on a three-game losing streak. Whatever we need to do to fix it and get things rolling, that's what we're here to do."

Has Jackson noticed any difference in Vick's game this season?

"I just don't think he's as comfortable as he usually is," Jackson said. "A lot of pressure is getting in his face. A lot of defenses are showing different looks and things like that. With the quarterback that has the skill that he's able to do, make big plays with his legs and his arms at the same time, I think a lot of teams are just trying to shoot at him, and just come any way possible and just give him less time. That's one of the things that has thrown his timing off and a lot of big plays that we usually have going on ... Defenses are trying to blitz and just show different looks."

Still, Jackson believes there is hope for a 3-4 Eagles team that, with nine games remaining, is very much alive in the playoff picture. But the turnaround must begin immediately.

"First thing's first, everybody, to a man, just has to be accountable," said Jackson. "Everybody can't really look at anybody else and question anybody else. I think, first of all, it has to start with every individual hisself. Everybody, to a man, has to just look at the situation, look at the games, watch the film. Come to work, and any mistakes that happen, any missed plays, any missed block, anything that's ever happened, look at that and correct it and hopefully not let that keep happening. That's the biggest thing in the pro's. As long as you can correct the mistakes and not let the mistakes keep happening, I think everybody will be able to move forward and get things rolling."

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