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If It's Kolb, He Will Be A Better QB On Sunday

Everything fits just right for Kevin Kolb this week. He knows the tempo of practice. He has been in the position before of taking all of the practice reps and executing the game plan. Meetings have just a touch more purpose as he prepares to be the starter for Sunday's game against the Chiefs. Even sitting in the auditorium in front of the media is old hat for Kolb in his second week of assuming the role of the Eagles' starting quarterback.

"It feels good," says Kolb of the routine. "I'm used to it now. I think that makes a difference."

Donovan McNabb hasn't been ruled out to this point, and the Eagles are certainly going to keep the option of McNabb playing very much available. But they also know that McNabb hasn't practiced in two weeks and that, while his fractured rib is improving and he can at least throw the football, McNabb could still be a ways away from taking snaps in a real game.

So Kolb, until further notice, is the guy. He seems to have grown so much in such a short time. One week ago, curious onlookers watched practice to see how Kolb responded, to take notice of his demeanor and the way he responded to the daily pressure of the job. That isn't the case any longer. Kolb puts on a show at practice, throwing strikes to his receivers, running the huddle with authority and showing a strong command of the offense.

While the status of Michael Vick is the big story of the week -- yes, he is going to play and no, there is no defined role yet -- Kolb's possible second consecutive start is of utmost importance. The Chiefs play a physical 3-4 defense, nothing fancy. Kansas City is tough, with a good secondary. The Chiefs pushed Baltimore to the limit two weeks ago and then dominated the Raiders' offense last week.

If it's Kolb, do the Eagles throw the football as much as they did on Sunday when Kolb threw for 391 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions? Do they use the Wild Eagle as much as they did against the Saints? With Vick eligible to play, do they use it more?

Nobody is talking, of course. The Eagles have their plan of attack in place for this game. They showed great confidence in Kolb on Sunday and should he be the guy against Kansas City, the coaches know more about the young man they'll have calling the shots. Kolb did a lot of good things on Sunday, and the Eagles know that. He threw for 391 yards and the two scores. He ran a good one-minute drive at the end of the first half. There were no late huddles. Kolb understood what he saw from the New Orleans defense. His pocket presence was strong and Kolb's decision making was sound, as was his ball security in the pocket.

And, yes, there were plays Kolb would like to have back. He threw those three interceptions, one a nothing toss away on the final play of the game, but two others that were very costly. Early in the second half Kolb went to a three-step drop and tried to get the ball out to Brent Celek on an out route. The Saints read the play and linebacker Scott Shanle stepped in front of the throw and made an interception that helped turn the game around.

"I made a mistake there," said Kolb. "There were a few of them during the game that I learned from. That is part of it. I wasn't happy because I didn't play well enough for us to win the game. We knew we couldn't make those kinds of mistakes against a team like that and I went out and made mistakes.

"At the same time, I have to learn from my mistakes. I can't change what happened, but I can make sure I don't do the same thing again."

The jury is still out on Kolb. One game does not a fair sample make. He did more good things in the game, but the bad news is that the Eagles lost and Kolb was the quarterback and, well, that's how it works. The guys under center get too much credit and they also get too much blame. Fact is, there is a group of you out there who aren't sold yet on Kolb, the team's first draft pick in 2007.

The Eagles are sold. They see a quarterback with the brains and the physical skills and the leadership qualities to be something special. Kolb just hasn't had a chance to show what he can do playing behind McNabb, who is, obviously, one of the league's best quarterbacks. What this all means, adding in Vick to boot, is going to bear watching for the rest of this season and next year as well, but for now Kolb is taking it day to day and soaking in the experience.

Some day, somewhere, Kolb is going to be a starting quarterback. And he is going to be a good one who has accuracy and touch and a winner's mentality and mobility and all of the skills you need to see.

"I'm not thinking like that," he said. "I know my situation here and I have to be ready when I get the call," said Kolb.

The call came last week and it is in line to happen again on Sunday. If that happens, Kolb has only to trace the steps he made last week. He has created the path to the starting lineup and he knows way it is golng to be. If there is pressure, Kolb isn't feeling it. Or, at least, he isn't allowing anyone else to see it. He is cool as could be should Reid and Mornhinweg give him the nod for a second straight week.

All it all up and Kolb should be a better quarterback than he was last week. Much better. It is something to look forward to, something that may not be the big story but one that is the most important story to monitor through Sunday afternoon.

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