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Hot Button: Road Warriors


Are The Eagles Ready To Play Well On The Road??
In Chicago, the Eagles opened with three passes, punted, and the Bears came right down the field and scored a touchdown. In San Francisco, the Eagles had a stalled drive to start the game and the 49ers had a good punt return to set up a field ... Click for more

In The Spotlight

Want to know the key to an Eagles' win? Here's an interesting trend that is consistent in the four wins and three losses ...

Paul Domowitch of the Philadelphia Daily News has watched every game and takes a hard look at the up-and-down play on offense ...

Hot Shot


See Donovan McNabb read the starting lineup for Monday's telecast of World Series between the Phillies and the Rays
Eagles Report: October 27

**3 Questions With...**

Defensive Coordinator Jim Johnson


Johnson: "I think we did a pretty good job. I think outside of the one pass where he scrambled and the guy broke a couple of tackles, I think we did a pretty good job."

Johnson:"I said it before it was tackling and making sure we were in good gap control. We were most of the game. We had one bad play against us and we tackled well. We had a lot of people running to the football and we tackled well."

Smith:"It's kind of a combination. We blitzed a little bit, but we went back. It depends, it's game management, how many time outs they have left, you don't want to give up a big play if they do blitz. It's just time management; make them work the whole length of the field. That's part of it."*

**Stat Speak**

Here is where Brian Westbrook ranks in Eagles history:


Rushing Yards ...Brian Westbrook is third all-time with 5,146 yards behind Wilbert Montgomery (6,538) and Steve Van Buren (5,860).


Rushing Attempts ...Westbrook ranks fourth with 1,071 attempts behind Montgomery (1,465), Van Buren (1,320) and Duce Staley (1,200).


Yards Per Carry ...Westbrook is the best running back in Eagles history in this department. However, two quarterbacks - Randall Cunningham (6.6) and Donovan McNabb (5.9) - top Westbrook's 4.8.


Rushing TDs ... Westbrook is third with 33 behind Van Buren (69) and Montgomery (45).

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