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Holding, Waiting To See What Is Next

The reports are out there, and they are echoing off the walls: The Eagles, the reports say, are nearing a trade that would send linebacker Chris Gocong and cornerback Sheldon Brown for a return a draft picks and a player, or just draft picks or just, well, a couple of more pieces the Eagles would try to fit into the puzzle here.

This is how it has been every day of the off-season: Waiting for a move to be made. The Eagles have made plenty since March 5, when free agency begin (even starting before that). They have trimmed the roster significantly. They have become much, much younger. They have acquired a key on defense, end Darryl Tapp. They've added defensive back Marlin Jackson, who is a help if he is able to get healthy and stay that way. They have added depth at running back with Mike Bell and at wide receiver with Hank Baskett.

What's next?

Boy, we've been innundated with rumors and innuendo for a couple of strong weeks now, and the beat is only likely to get louder with the draft ahead. The Eagles are intent on making this roster younger, obviously, and we can talk about how it looks when it is over. But it clearly is not over. Not by a long shot.

I'm waiting, just like you. Nothing to report at this moment, but you never know in this off-season when something is going to break. The Eagles clearly have an objective and they've been able to, it appears, accomplish their goals. They added a defensive end in Tapp whom they think will flourish in this scheme. They made LeSean McCoy the go-to running back, and made sure to add a quality, young veteran in the backfield. There are still some question marks, for sure, but the Eagles have a game plan here. And it's April, the month for it all to come together.

All the reports running out there, it's not my place to speculate. Until something happens, I have no comment. Certainly, the possibilities are online everywhere, and they are exciting to consider.

In the meantime, I'm with you. Waiting. Wondering what the Eagles have in mind ...

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