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Former Player Weighs In On McNabb, April

Former NFL player and columnist Matt Bowen has offered up some interesting insight on one Eagles' off-season move and an opinion on the team's immediate future at the quarterback position.

A former safety, Bowen tackled the rumors regarding the future of Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia in a recent article.

Not taking anything away from what Kevin Kolb did in limited action in 2009, Bowen is not sure if it's time for the Eagles to move on without McNabb.

Writes Bowen: "It is easy to point at Kolb's brief production this past season, and although it was very good (he threw for 300 yards in back-to-back games), is that enough to let McNabb walk? Once you give the huddle to Kolb, there is no turning back, and buyer's remorse at the quarterback position in the NFL is a franchise killer.

"Look, I am not trying to throw Kolb under the bus, but from the quarterbacks I saw during my career, it takes more than a couple of games to show a franchise that you are ready to play for an entire season and beyond."

Though a Super Bowl win has eluded McNabb, Bowen believes the quarterback's play is part of what helps the Eagles contend for a championship every season.

Bowen, interestingly enough, also has a unqiue perspective on the team's hiring of special teams coordinator Bobby April.

"Just like an offense with an all-pro QB, a new coach can make the players around him better and more accountable," Bowen told "I think when you have a team that is so talented like Philly, adding a coach like April builds your special teams to the point when you are more competitive in divisional games and in the postseason. We often tend to forget just how important field position is in January, and having Bobby on board will take care of that.

"This team got better with April."

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 11:24 a.m., February 7

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