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A Q&A With Pro Bowl DT Fletcher Cox

Fletcher Cox is one of the best defensive players in football. The 12th overall draft pick in 2012 is now one of the most decorated Eagles in franchise history after earning his fourth consecutive Pro Bowl nomination. Cox became the all-time leader in career sacks by an Eagles interior defensive lineman with 41.5 in just his seventh season. The Mississippian out of Yazoo City High School and Mississippi State University is a disruptive force up the middle.

The only defensive linemen in team history with more Pro Bowl selections is Reggie White. What does that mean to you?

"Just to even be talked about in the same sentence is very humbling. I just want to keep stacking them, just keep being me. Going out and having fun and enjoying my teammates. I just want to keep doing that, but the main focus is to get a win on Sunday. ... The most important stat to me is the win-loss column."

What does it mean that Yazoo City High School renamed its stadium Fletcher Cox Stadium?

"Man, it's just a great accomplishment. It's something I can always go back to when I'm done playing and say I had a stadium named after me. I appreciate the city of Yazoo City doing that, Yazoo City High School, to the athletic director, and everyone who decided to do that. I just really appreciate that."

Do you try to serve as a role model to the kids in Yazoo City?

"Absolutely, man. The biggest thing is to let kids know that there's more, there's more outside of being in Yazoo City. Growing up as a kid you're realizing, trying to find a way to better yourself, better your family, just be one of the ones that got out. And obviously, I was blessed enough to do that, and I want kids now in the generation to be able to look at me and say that there is more outside of Yazoo City."

Why do you say Yazoo City High School in your Sunday Night Football intro?

"So many reasons why. So many reasons. The number one reason is that it's just a tribute to my high school coach (Kyle Wallace) that died. He means so much to me. And number two, again, it goes back to me being a role model and wanting to say Yazoo City High School so maybe one middle-school-aged student is seeing that and when they hear 'Fletcher Cox, Yazoo City High School,' it's like, 'Wow, he really went to Yazoo City High School.' That's just one of the biggest things. I love my alma mater, I love Mississippi State University, but at the same time I want the kids in Yazoo City to see that one of their peers, someone from Yazoo City, is playing in the NFL."

One of your hobbies is working on old cars. Are you currently restoring one?

"Right now, the big one for me, I'm not even doing it. A company out in Florida is restoring a 1975 Chevrolet Caprice for me. So, I can't wait to get that done. And I think the next project for me will probably be a 1970 Chevy C10. So, I'll have a couple of projects going on here for the next few years, but it just takes time for things like that."

Did you start working on cars as a kid?

"Oh absolutely, man. My brother, Shaddrick, introduced me to cars and he introduced me to working on cars and really what hard work was. And that's helped me in all areas I work. I just fell in love with it and to today I still continue to do it."

What do you enjoy most about restoring old cars?

"It's not even just restoring them, man. It's fixing problems. I think the thing about it is you have to love it. It's not something that you can just do and continue to do, you have to love it. And the love for it is the best part about it."

I know you have a drag racing team. How has that been going?

"My brother was racing, and I got into it and I fell in love with it. Lately, Cox Racing has been doing really well and coming off of a championship year. We won a championship in Street Outlaws, five of six finals, it was just a great year for us last year and we're looking forward to what we can do in 2019."

What is it like to go to work on a defensive line with several other talented players?

"It's great, man. You have to respect those guys. I have guys on the line that have played in the league longer than I have. Just to be around that experience, just to be around guys like that who add so much. They're guys I respect, and I try to pick their brains about some things, what do they do, what do they do to play in the league for this long, and just going out there and enjoying playing with them."

You're already at the top of several all-time records for Eagles linemen in only your seventh season. What does it mean to live up to your draft standing?

"It's really good. I just want to keep setting the bar because records are made to be broken. So, I want to keep setting the bar and it's really good to have records right now, but I just want to keep setting them."

What did it mean to you to be named a captain this season?

"It means so much, so much from my teammates. They know that when I found out I was a captain, I was obviously expecting it but to have that respect from my teammates says a lot."

How do you continue your level of dominance?

"Just keep going out, man, and dominating no matter how old I am, no matter how many years I'm in this league, just continue to keep doing the little things right and success will happen."

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