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FB Cory Jackson Scouting Report

FB Cory Jackson, Maryland
Pos. Rank: 5 Grade: 7th Round-FA Height: 6-1 Weight: 246 40: 4.75 Year: 4-Sr.

The Good: Hard-working, one-dimensional lead blocker who also excels on special teams. Blocks with a nasty attitude, works to finish assignments, and jolts defenders at the point of attack. Physical, squares into opponents and removes them from the action. Displays good blocking vision. Adequate short-yardage runner who keeps his feet moving on contact.

The Bad: Slows into blocks, which adversely affects his ability to finish them. Really best on the inside and cannot get around tackle and create room for ball-carriers.

The Verdict: Jackson is a throwback lead blocker effective in his role. He must improve the details of his game, yet he has every opportunity to make an NFL squad as a second fullback/special teams player.

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