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ESPN: Reid Tops Among NFC East Coaches

In a division that sports two coaches with Super Bowl titles on their resume, Graziano says that pecking order begins at the top with Eagles head coach Andy Reid.

"For me, there's just no way to argue with Reid's consistent level of success," writes Graziano. "In 12 years as the Eagles' head coach, he's had nine winning seasons, eight double-digit-win seasons, seven first-place finishes, 10 playoff wins and a conference title. His teams contend or win every single year. He's retooled his offensive skill positions on the fly over the past three years without a hiccup. He's not afraid to make a decision no one else likes if he believes it to be the right one for the team. He has guts, conviction and my vote for the top spot."

Graziano goes on to say that the decision for second place, between Tom Coughlin and Mike Shanahan, was more difficult than the choice to put Reid atop the list (Coughlin ended up with the No. 2 spot). And apologies to Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett, but as Graziano points out, it's far too early to fairly place him anywhere but fourth considering the track record of the other three coaches in the division. 

But does Reid deserve the top spot in the division? The track record would say so, despite the void of a Lombardi Trophy.

Reid's combined winning percentage of regular season and playoff games is .607, which bests both Shanahan (.586) and Coughlin (.553). Consider also that Reid has more playoff appearances (nine) than both Shanahan (seven) and Coughlin (eight), despite coaching fewer years than both.

So it looks like Graziano has hit this nail on the head. But there's still some work to be done to make up for last week's injustice, although it still remains possible that calling DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Jason Avant the third best receiving corps in the division was just an elaborate, albeit cruel, joke.

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