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Eagles Veterans Leading The Way


With the city abuzz about a certain rookie quarterback, the Eagles' veterans are doing their part to ensure they're not left out of the conversation.

On Sunday afternoon, the team's most experienced offensive players put on an impressive performance en route to the Eagles' victory over the Steelers. Darren Sproles and Brent Celek, who have a combined 22 seasons of NFL experience between them, managed 128 and 61 receiving yards, respectively.

As usual, the trusty veterans came through for their team and continue to be some of the most reliable in the game.

However, Celek was quick to give credit where credit is due. According to the tight end, the addition of Carson Wentz sparked this Philadelphia team. It's bringing out the best in all the players.

Relive the amazing moments from the Eagles' win in the Battle of PA during Week 3 of the regular season.

"I told him (Doug Pederson) being 10 years in, this kid is inspiring me," Celek said. "He's adding youth to my game just by the way he's acting, being in the huddle, taking command. It's beyond impressive. It's great. We have to keep it going. I'm not going to sit here and say we're the greatest team, but I'm excited with how he's playing and he's elevating everybody else's play by the way he's handling it."

Wentz, though, knows the talent he has around him when it comes to the veterans. That's why he feels so confident getting the ball to players such as Celek and Sproles on a regular basis.

Plus, when it comes to the 12th-year running back, there's always potential for a big play. Just go back and watch the highlight of Sproles dodging specks of black and yellow while taking it to the house on his 73-yard, catch-and-run touchdown Sunday.

"Any time you can put it in 43's hands, anything special could happen on any play," Wentz said.

"This dude like comes up to my knees and is a straight baller," wide receiver Jordan Matthews said. "He should give everybody hope that they can do whatever they want to do in life. The dude is fearless. He's fearless. He plays hard. He plays like he's 6-5 and he's just a great guy to have around. The way he plays, he looks like he could go six more years. You know what I'm saying? He's just so detailed every single day when he comes to practice too. It's not luck. I love playing with him. I hope he stays around a lot longer."

Even though Sproles and Celek have gone through their fair share of ups and downs in the league, they're still always learning. They continue to put in the time and do whatever they can for the betterment of the team, just as veterans and leaders do.

"That guy works hard every single day. As long as he stays healthy, he'll have an opportunity to make plays for us for as long as he wants to play," Celek said of Sproles. "He's a true professional. I learn a lot from guys like that, try to emulate guys like him, guys like (Jason) Peters. They do it the right way every day."

In the end, that's why they see results.

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