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Eagles Strongly Dismiss ESPN Claim Regarding Vick

Quarterback Michael Vick is in Atlantic City, N.J. today to accept the Bert Bell Award from the Maxwell Football Club for being named the NFL's player of the year.

Apparently, during the time Vick was at a press conference to talk about the award he was also scheduled to appear on ESPN's First Take. When it was evident that Vick was not going to be able to do the interview on First Take, the show took to its Facebook page to claim that the Eagles pulled Vick from doing the interview.

To say the least, that is an outright lie.

Eagles Director of Media Relations Derek Boyko released the following statement claiming that neither the Eagles nor Vick ever knew that the interview was even scheduled.

"Lou Tilley from the Maxwell Football Club confirmed an interview on ESPN with Michael Vick without ever asking Michael Vick, me or any representative of Vick. Michael or the Eagles never canceled. We were never asked in advance."

Head coach Andy Reid is also being honored by the Maxwell Football Club with the Greasy Neale Award for the NFL's coach of the year.

UPDATE:The Maxwell Football Club released the following statement through president Ron Jaworski.

"There was a communication problem that was 'totally' the fault of the Maxwell Football Club in clearing Michael for the interview. Michael Vick was never asked to do the interview and never cancelled," said Jaworski. "Michael has been very cooperative in all our dealings with him in regard to winning the Bert Bell Award as the NFL Player of the Year. I want to be crystal clear that Michael has been amazing in dealing with the media and this issue is totally the fault of The Maxwell Football Club and I take full responsibility."

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 1:45 p.m., March 4

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