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Eagles and Tide inspire fans to #TurnToCold

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The Philadelphia Eagles and Tide, America's No. 1 laundry detergent brand, are joining forces to motivate fans to turn the dial from hot to cold and make a positive impact on the planet. This football season, the Eagles and Tide are partnering to educate consumers on the benefits of switching to cold water washing to not only provide a great clean, but to also help the environment.

The partnership is the next chapter in Tide's 2030 Ambition to increase the regularity of washing in cold to three out of every four laundry loads in U.S. households, as part of its mission to make cold water washing the standard for all Americans.

"We are proud to support Tide by joining the #TurnToCold movement and encouraging others to take action as we collectively seek to reduce our carbon footprint," said Norman Vossschulte, Director of Fan Experience, Philadelphia Eagles. "There are many benefits that come with just a simple turn of the dial – a superior clean, reduced energy bills, and most importantly, a positive impact on the environment. Thanks to Tide, we are excited to add another layer to our robust Go Green action plan and hope that the results inspire everyone to make the switch."

With all the sweat, grass, and mud stains that come with the game, washing an NFL jersey on cold can be the ultimate stress test to showcase its true effectiveness. Tide Scientists worked with the Eagles equipment staff to optimize formulas and settings to ensure Tide would meet the high standards that come with cleaning NFL uniforms and team-issued apparel. Once they saw the results, the team's equipment staff made the pledge to switch from hot to cold. Along with 14 other National Football League clubs, the Eagles aim to move more than one million pounds of laundry to cold water washing with Tide per year.

"The commitment to wash in cold water from NFL teams like the Eagles is the backbone of our Tide, NFL, and #TurnToCold movement," said Alex Perez, Tide Brand Director. "When the Eagles switched their laundry to cold water, it was a moment to show their loyal fans that cold water washing with Tide really works — even on the dirtiest game day stains like grass, sweat, and mud. It's the simplest change anyone can make to help the environment while saving on your energy bill."

To kick off the partnership and rally fans to join the movement, Tide introduced the new Tide Cold Washer, the first-ever talking washing machine that reminds consumers to wash in cold. The limited-edition NFL team-branded machine, which was part of a recent fan sweepstakes, is customized with fan favorite NFL player voices.

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