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Does RB Harrison Have A Role This Week?

When the Eagles acquired running back Jerome Harrison from the Cleveland Browns earlier this month, they envisioned creating a backfield with power, elusiveness and speed. Of course, everyone knows what LeSean McCoy brings to the table. His toughness is unquestioned, his vision is excellent and still improving, and there are few running backs in the league that can hit the seam as quickly as McCoy.

Harrison is still a question on this Eagles offense. His quickness could certainly complement McCoy, but how the two will work together remains to be seen.

This week, however, some of those questions may begin to find answers.

"We've got a plan for (Harrison)," offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said. "He understands that plan. He is a heck of a football player on film, and it looks like he's picking our system up pretty well, at a pretty quick rate. And so a little bit more work to do for the whole package there.

"Yeah, he can go in and do some things for us (this week). There's no question about that."

If Harrison gets his first action as an Eagle this weekend, as Mornhinweg seems to suggest, it will be his first time on the field since he received six carries on October 10, as a member of the Cleveland Browns. Harrison said he's getting accustomed to the offense, and feels much more comfortable after a full week of work.

"I'm learning (the offense) and getting a good concept of it," Harrison said. "I've been meeting with the running backs coach (Ted Williams) a lot, and he's been bringing me along and teaching me very well. I like it here, great team, great guys, a great organization."

If there's one thing Harrison regrets since the trade that brought him to Philadelphia, it's the fact that he couldn't be out there with his teammates last week as the offense had its most proficient game this season.

"It's a high-powered offense," Harrison said. "It's exciting to see and watch, but at the same time, I was itching to get out there and play with those guys."

Coming from Cleveland, which is currently ranked 23rd in offense, to an Eagles offense that ranks 4th in the NFL, you can understand Harrison's excitement.

-- Posted by Josh Goldman, 3:05 p.m., October 21

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