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Day Of Drama Around The NFL

While the Eagles wait -- bunkered at their home hotel overnight -- the rest of the NFL plays today. Within those games, there is all kinds of importance for Philadelphia in Atlanta, in Cincinnati, in Dallas. It is a great day to sit back and watch, a day to keep track of so many games that mean something for the Eagles.

By day's end, the Eagles could control their playoff destiny. If Tampa Bay beats the Falcons in Atlanta, the Eagles then need "only" to win their final three games to reach the post-season. An Atlanta victory against Tampa Bay means that either of those teams would have to lose one of their final two games for the Eagles to control their post-season hopes.

In Cincinnati, the Bengals host the struggling Redskins. This is a game that is going to be, from this perspective, much more difficult than many believe. The Redskins have serious injury concerns on their offensive line and throughout their defense. The Bengals are an awful team, but they are going to play hard today and challenge a Redskins team that has had all kinds of trouble scoring.

Tonight's game in Dallas is the one that brings about the most intrigue, of course. The soap opera in Dallas has elevated to new heights, and my fervant wish is to see how the Cowboys react if they have three three-and-out series to open the game. What happens then? Does the sideline explode? Does Jerry Jones take over the coaching reins?

There are some injury concerns on both sides -- the Giants are without running back Brandon Jacobs and the Cowboys could be minus Marion Barber -- but the line of scrimmage will decide this game.

Atlanta at 1 p.m. is so huge. Can Tampa Bay shrug off the loss in Carolina and come back on a short week and win on the road? Is Jeff Garcia going to play?

We have a day of watching and waiting ahead. Enjoy. The Eagles are back in the hunt with a playoff berth in sight. The weekly watch kicks up a notch today.

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