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Darren Sproles: The Exception To The Rule


Ever since he started playing football, people have tried to tell Darren Sproles "no." Throughout high school, college, the NFL Draft process – you name it, there have been naysayers telling Sproles that he's too small to play the game. They told him his body wouldn't be able to hold up against the much larger defenders bearing down on him. They told him time after time again.

He's just never listened.

Instead, Sproles has carved out one of the most prolific careers the NFL has ever seen. Today, his résumé is staggering: 19,011 all-purpose yards. Three Pro Bowl appearances. The second player in NFL history with at least 500 receptions, 500 rush attempts, and 500 combined kickoff and punt returns. One of the best pass-catching running backs to ever play the game.

No one is looking down at Darren Sproles anymore. They're all looking up. Click here or on the image below to learn more about Sproles' revolutionary career as an NFL running back and the hard work that has instilled him as one of the most dynamic backs the league has ever seen.![](

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