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Critical Time Ahead For Eagles

Now he has another huge challenge: replace a key member of his personnel staff.

Ryan Grigson was a key member of the Eagles' personnel department as he helped oversee the draft and shape the roster first as a college scout, then a director of college scouting and then the team's director of player personnel. He was a big man behind the scenes, and he and Roseman worked very well together.

Grigson on Wednesday was named the general manager in Indianapolis. It's a great promotion for Grigson, and everyone wishes him the best of luck. The most, though, takes away an important cog in the personnel machine just at the time when the Eagles are to gather and strategize for the 2012 free-agency period and the NFL draft.

Roseman knows that always has to be prepared when his good men depart, and it is a sign of success that the Eagles have strong personnel men around the league who have worked here -- Marc Ross with the Giants, Jason Licht in New England, Matt Russell with Denver and Tom Heckert in Cleveland.

The Eagles have had the foresight in the instances when those men have left to have the next person in line step up, or go outside the organization to bring in a quality talent evaluator and roster builder.

The fallout from Grigson's departure is significant right off the top, as Roseman will likely act quickly to fill that role. Then comes the question of who Grigson might take with him from the Eagles' staff.

Also, Grigson is going to hire a new Colts head coach. Would he consider someone from the Eagles' staff, perhaps offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg to work with the Colts' likely No. 1 draft pick, quarterback Andrew Luck?

Combine the personnel scenario with the intrigue over the defensive coaching staff and you understand how critical a time it is for the Eagles. They have to make the right choices for the personnel department and for the coaching staff. There is no taking a step back here, not after an 8-8 season for a franchise that has not won a playoff game since the 2008 season.

It's great that Grigson moved on and moved up. He deserves the promotion. Now the focus shifts to Roseman and his next move. Roseman is as prepared as they come at his position. He considers all angles and prepares for the future. In his two years as the general manager, Roseman has pulled off two major trades, dealing away quarterbacks and bringing back excellent pieces in return. He has bounced up and down the draft expertly. He managed free agency very well last year, adding an influx of talent to the roster.

But what he's about to do now, as his department shifts, is every bit as important. Roseman needs to be right on with his next moves as the Eagles prepare to put their plan in place to build for the 2012 season.

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