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Cowboys Expect A Better Eagles Offense


In their last meeting with Dallas, the Eagles were held to only 7 yards rushing. They were consistently shut down by the Cowboys' defense, especially linebacker Sean Lee.

But, during his conference call with the Philadelphia media, Lee was quick to discuss the Eagles' talented run game. He believes Dallas will need to be prepared for a bigger challenge this time around.

"They have a ton of talent at the running back position and also at the offensive line position. They've had a lot of success in the past years running and they're the type of team that really likes to run the ball and they're really good at what they do," Lee said. "Obviously, we had success that first game we played them, but it's always tough when you go against them because of the scheme, how well they run it and how athletic they are across the board."

In the Week 2 meeting, Lee recorded a game-high 14 tackles, two of which were for a loss, and an interception in the Eagles' end zone. He and the Cowboys dominated the Philadelphia offense, which finished the game with only 10 points.

Now, the Cowboys also have another talent on the defensive side of the ball - defensive end Greg Hardy, who was suspended for the Week 2 matchup. With these pieces, they'll look to accomplish the same feats they did then. The Eagles understand they'll need to be prepared.

"We made sure we had everybody running to the football, everybody doing their job play after play," Lee said. "That's the only way you can stop a run offense like this is to make sure you're disciplined with your gaps and you play with a certain intensity. I think we showed that in the first game, but we have to be able to show it in this game."

Since that game, the Eagles' run game has begun to emerge. The offensive line has strengthened its play and DeMarco Murray, Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles have made their fair share of plays. In the past four games, Murray is averaging 4.42 yards per carry.

Of all the running backs, Lee is most familiar with Murray, his former teammate. Although the Cowboys' held the 2014 leading rusher to just 2 yards in September, he knows this will be a much-different game.

"I know he's going to run the ball hard," Lee explained. "I know when you tackle him, you better bring your pads behind you because of how hard he likes to run, the type of player he is, the type of character he has. He's a tough guy who runs the ball really, really well and really hard. You have to prepare for that whenever you play against him."

To hear the entirety of Lee’s conference call, click here or press play on the embedded video above.

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