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Cosell's 10 Things To Watch At Seattle

As the Eagles prepare to go head to head with the Seattle Seahawks, NFL Films senior producer Greg Cosell breaks down the Seahawks' performance so far this season. Here are 10 things to look for when they face the Eagles on Sunday at 4:25 PM.

Seahawks On Offense

1. The Seahawks had a lot of success out of empty sets on third down at New England. Five big third-down conversions came out of this look: C.J. Prosise 18-yard gain, Jermaine Kearse 20-yard gain, Prosise 38-yard gain, Prosise 7-yard gain and Doug Baldwin 15-yard touchdown.

2. Against the Bills, the Seahawks showed almost no commitment to the run game. They did not attempt to establish any continuity running the ball. Seattle does get Thomas Rawls back Sunday.

3. In their loss to the Saints, the Seahawks once again largely ignored running the ball. The one time they tried to was at the start of the third quarter and they had good success.

4. With Wilson getting healthier, don't be surprised if the Seahawks try to move their quarterback outside the pocket to generate some rhythm for the offense. In the fourth quarter of the Saints game, Wilson completed two passes off play-action boot to the left.

5. In the tie against Arizona, Wilson was not at all comfortable in the first half. He was skittish and frenetic in the pocket. He also was not seeing things clearly.

Seahawks On Defense

1. The Seahawks continue to be very effective with stunts out of a four-man defensive line pass rush look. Tackle/End (TE) stunts are the most frequent. There were snaps against New England where quarterback Tom Brady played a little fast, a little too conscious of the pass rush. He perceived pressure that was not there.

2. Seattle is playing a lot more man coverage paired with the blitz on third-and-long situations this year. It's been a continuing trend.

3. Defensive end Frank Clark continues to flash as a pass rusher. He has cat-like quickness with the ability to get skinny and split the offensive line.

4. The Seahawks may have the most explosive nickel front four in the NFL. They can win one-on-one matchups, and are excellent with stunts to take advantage of their explosion and quickness. You do not want to be behind the sticks too often.

5. How long will the Eagles remain committed to the run game? The Patriots had some success running the ball with LeGarrette Blount, but eventually you will have some bad plays against the Seahawks' defense.

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