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Caplan: Eagles QBs The Talk Of The Town and Sirius NFL Radio's Adam Caplan is in Indianapolis for the Scouting Combine and while the reporters are interviewing the draft prospects they are also discussing the juicy rumors that are circulating around the league.

The Eagles' quarterback situation has been one of the most delectable storylines of the early NFL off-season and the rumor mill should be in full swing once the trading period begins next Friday. What do the reporters in Indianapolis think is going to happen with Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick?

"Lots of talk between the national electronic and print media on the future's of veteran quarterbacks Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick," Caplan said. "It seems that the prevailing thought by many writers is that Vick eventually be traded, but the future of McNabb is less certain."

Again, head coach Andy Reid declared after the season that McNabb would be his quarterback in 2010. When asked this past Tuesday about the state of leadership on offense once Brian Westbrook is released, Reid praised McNabb once again. McNabb, like Kolb and Vick, is scheduled to enter the final year of his contract.

Speaking of contracts, Eagles fans certainly hope that free agents will be signed next Friday when the new league year begins. But the league is about to enter what Caplan described as "unchartered waters" with what is about to be an uncapped year unless there's a last-minute extension of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

"Free agency doesn't appear that it's going to be the Wild Wild West that we've seen in the past," Caplan said. "The tone of this week's Combine was a little different than most of the Combines I've been to in recent years. An uncertain labor situation has changed the landscape of the upcoming free agency season. It has been clear from the executives and agents I've talked to that they are facing uncharted waters starting on March 5."

There may be no salary cap in 2010, but that means there's no salary floor either. In addition, the years needed for unrestricted free agency will increase from four to six years meaning not as many blue-chip pieces will hit the open market. Teams also have to figure out how a contract signed this off-season will be viewed once a new CBA is agreed upon. If a team splurges in free agency, could there be penalties down the road?

Caplan will join Dave Spadaro on Eagles Live! this Monday beginning at noon to dish on the latest gossip coming from Indy.

-- Posted by Chris McPherson, 7:12 p.m., February 26

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