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Camp Countdown: New Line, Rookies Key

In its ongoing series of team-by-team breakdowns that run up until the start of training camp, the staff examine the changes the Eagles have made since the loss in the NFC title game in Arizona.

Here's an excerpt pulled from the piece: "The Eagles appear to have self-scouted well and moved aggressively to upgrade in nearly every area. How quickly their reconfigured offensive line can jell will say a lot about whether they can win the division. The talent alone says they can."

The article includes comments from CBS analyst Phil Simms as well as a "View from the other sideline" as an opponent breaks down the Eagles.

Then, of course, is the Bottom Line: "The Eagles depend too heavily on (Donovan) McNabb and (Brian) Westbrook and can be thrown off if either is injured or ineffective. Both will benefit from a healthy offensive line, assuming the changes in that group have a positive impact. Offensively, the Eagles struggle too often in the red zone and must get touchdowns instead of field goals. They also must find a long-distance playmaker — perhaps it's (rookie Jeremy) Maclin — and an effective goal-line target for McNabb.

"Philadelphia's attacking defense remains a strength. This is a battle-tested team that handles adversity well and fights through it."

Check out the Eagles' camp countdown, as well as those for the other NFC East teams.

-- Posted by Bob Kent, 4:05 p.m., July 12

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