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Bradley Blog: Room For Improvement


I think we gave a good effort against Carolina. We made a goal of keeping their first- and second-down runs down. The Panthers ran the ball a lot the week before against the Colts. One of our goals for the season is to shut down the run game and I think we did a good job of that. The whole first half we only gave up 36 rushing yards, so we flew around but there are always mistakes to fix. Mentally, we were pretty we were pretty good, our alignments were better. We took a step forward from the Pittsburgh game.

Right now we are still working on us. That's what the preseason is. When we get to the season we'll game plan more for opponents. It's good to see the young guys out there, they're coming along, starting to progress through the system and make plays so it's great.

During that 57-minute weather delay, we stretched out and tried to stay loose. It was an odd experience having an hour break in the middle of the first quarter but you do what you can with it. We went over some of the plays that happened. We only had six defensive plays before we came in. There were two three-and-outs to look at.

With the Olympics going on I have been watching a little. Obviously, Michael Phelps' performance was phenomenal. Seeing him do what he does at such a high level consistently is impressive for any athlete, I think. I watched a men's volleyball match the other day. It's pretty impressive how athletic they are, but I love watching the sprints too. I feel like everyone wants to run the 100 meters if they could choose a sport to compete in. That would be me.

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