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Banner Reiterates Support Of Reid

Eagles president Joe Banner, appearing on Sportsradio 610 WIP, affirmed his support and belief in head coach Andy Reid to bring the Eagles and their fans the ultimate goal - a Super Bowl Championship.

"We are determined to win a Super Bowl, we're actually determined to win more than one," Banner said. "As long as we believe that Andy Reid is the person out there in the leadership position of the team on both the personnel and coaching front that gives us the best shot at doing that, he'll be the head coach. If we ever reached the point where we didn't think he could achieve that, then we would be making a change to get somebody we thought who could. But I want to be very clear - I have no reservation whatsoever ... I can't imagine you could find a player who's played for him or a coach who's coached for him that would tell you, 'I don't think this guy's a good enough coach to win a Super Bowl.' You're just not going to find that. And those of us that work with him every day - for me, the fact that he hasn't done it yet isn't proof that he can't or won't. You wish he had and sometimes it's baffling that he hasn't, I sit here very confident that he is a person capable of leading this team, making decisions and winning a Super Bowl, in fact multiple Super Bowls. I'm shocked that it hasn't happened yet. But that's the criteria, if we ever lost confidence in his ability to achieve that goal, then we'd have to think about it's time to make a change.

"Our actions really speak for our collective wisdom, I've never felt that (Reid isn't the person best suited to leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl). I don't feel that now. I feel very confident that he has that capability and I don't see anybody out there that has been available at any time that I would have any more confidence in ... There really is no question, he's got to prove it, but there's no question he's capable of winning a Super Bowl and leading the team there."

*-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 5:32 p.m., February 16 *

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