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Arthur Brown Proud Of Bryce's Success

INDIANAPOLIS -- Kansas State linebacker Arthur Brown could have declared early for the NFL Draft in 2012, but he wanted to stay another year so he could be both physically and mentally prepared for the rigors of the NFL. Instead, Brown got to watch his younger brother, Bryce, go through the draft process and land in Philadelphia with the Eagles.

Bryce Brown was once the most highly touted high school prospect. After a promising freshman year at Tennessee, Bryce Brown re-united with his brother at Kansas State only to play in just one game. Bryce Brown was still so talented that he was selected in the seventh round by the Eagles and recorded the two highest single-game rookie rushing performances in franchise history last season.

"I was proud of my brother just being able to see him be successful, accomplishing his goals," Arthur Brown said. "When the odds were against him, he continued to push forward and he is where he is and he's done a great job of what he's doing."

Arthur Brown was predominately a middle linebacker with the Wildcats as he recorded 100 tackles, seven tackles for loss, two interceptions and a sack as a senior. Arthur Brown is expected to be an early-round selection in April. Since the season ended, Brown has bulked up 14 pounds to 241 which will allow him to continue to play with the same sense of physicality and toughness that he did in Manhattan, Kan. Plus, Arthur has the added benefit of watching his brother experience the draft process just a year earlier.

"It is a business and you definitely have to approach it in that manner," Arthur Brown said of watching Bryce's draft process. "It helped me to keep everything in the proper perspective."

Arthur Brown knows how rare it would be for two brothers to play on the same team in the NFL. The two haven't talked about it, but the thought has certainly crossed Arthur's mind. They weren't expected to be on the same team and it happened. If Bryce Brown's road to the NFL has taught Arthur anything, it should be that you simply never know what's going to happen.

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