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Angry Bird: Losing Upsets Celek

Tight end Brent Celek has been through a season like this before. He understands the frustration that comes with losing this many games. But it's a frustration he hasn't felt in the NFL.

He didn't feel it in college, either.

"In high school, we had a horrible season, but we didn't have any talent," Celek said after the game. "Here we have talent. We have the players, we just have to play."

Miscues and inconsistency once again doomed the Eagles on Monday night in their 30-22 loss to the Panthers. At 3-8, the Eagles are now playing for pride. It's a different mindset for a team that entered Training Camp in July with visions of a deep run into the postseason. Celek wasn't interested in mincing words after the loss.

"I am embarrassed of losing to be honest and to be a team that was considered a powerhouse in this league and now to have teams come here and laugh at us; that is embarrassing," he said. "I don't what to be a part of anything like that. I want to turn it around and win games. It just makes me sick."

Though Celek finished the night with only two catches for 19 yards, the offense was able to put up 311 yards of offense. This was mostly thanks to a huge night by rookie running back Bryce Brown, who rushed for 178 yards and two touchdowns. But the Eagles also committed three turnovers, including two by Brown. None of the positives from the game account for much during a seven-game losing streak.

"I can't stand this," Celek said. "This is what I do. This is my livelihood. I could be doing other things, but this is what I do and I want to succeed at it. I want to be the best in the league at it. I want to help my team win football games.

"It's all about winning a Super Bowl. I grew up at a young age wanting to win a Super Bowl and when you're in a situation like this, it (ticks) you off. I doubt we have a chance now and that is annoying. There is not many of us that can get to this level and when you get here, you have to give it all you have on every single play to win football games."

Celek and the Eagles won't have time to dwell on Monday night's loss. It's a short week, and the Eagles have a date with the Cowboys this Sunday night. They will head to Dallas, looking to improve their record to 2-2 against the NFC East. And for the third time in four weeks, they'll look to get back on track in primetime.

"I am going to be (angry) the rest of (Monday) and probably be (angry) tomorrow when I watch film," he said. "Wednesday you have to move on and get over it. We have to move to Dallas. We have to find things that we can do better and we have to correct them."

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