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Andy Reid Post-Game Quotes

Head coach Andy Reid met the media after Thursday's 38-27 loss to the Jets and here are some of the things he had to say ...

Opening Statement:"Injuries real quick. (Winston) Justice will have an MRI in the morning, pectoral strain, as will (Dimitri) Patterson with an ankle sprain. He'll have an MRI in the morning. The positive out of this game was that we gave the twos and threes some playing time and have the opportunity to see the guys compete. I thought they did a good job the first half and the second half it looked lik we lost some of our legs there and didn't finish as strong as we needed to. As far as Michael's (Vick) situation goes and the two-game suspension by the Commissioner (Roger Goodell), we obviously respect his decision 100 percent and support it. I can't tell you about how we're going to handle Michael roster-wise right now until I meet with Tom (Heckert, general manager) tomorrow and go through that. We'll handle that when it comes."

On the importance of Vick practicing while suspended:"I'll cover all that tomorrow. I'll go through all the different scenarios with Tom and we'll work through it. It was great to get him work today. I thought that was very important. He had some quality snaps in the first half and the second half."

-- Posted by Dave Spadaro, 11:47 p.m., September 3

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