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And Now, On To The Main Event

You would be amazed at how quickly coaches and players wipe from their memory banks the game from the night before. The Eagles, as they reported in dribs and drabs to the NovaCare Complex on Tuesday to receive treatment and watch film of the New York Giants, have already put their record-setting win over Washington in the rear-view mirror.

It was a night to remember (for the fans) and a night to forget quickly (for the team). As Andy Reid said after the victory, "It isn't like we can take the points and use them next week." True dat.

In fact, Sunday night's game against the Giants is huge in the division and a litmus test of sorts for every phase of this football team. There may be no group more on the spot than the offensive line, which goes against a fearsome pass rush of the Giants. Juan Castillo has to put together a great protection scheme against a strong pass-rushing front seven that changes its looks and comes with a plethora of talented and fast and powerful linemen.

Certainly, though, it is right to feel good about where the Eagles are at this point in the season. They have emerged from an up-and-down start to 2010 to become a red-hot group led by the Great American Story, Michael Vick, who has made the most of his second chance. It is redemption time for Vick, who is the best quarterback in the NFL nine games into the season. The Eagles offense is flying like never before, a balanced group that combines big-play passes down the field with a surprisingly-bruising running attack.

Defensively, Sean McDermott's group is coming together. Oh, the Eagles allowed Washington a few too many big plays on Monday night, and we all want that tightened up, but the Eagles defense helped set a tone by limiting Washington to 23 total net yards in the first quarter, by which time the Eagles led, 28-0.

Special teams? Getting there. Sav Rocca punted four times, and all four kicks landed inside the 20-yard line. David Akers is crushing the ball. The coverage teams were pretty tight. Jorrick Calvin didn't have a good game on kickoff returns, and that is something to examine, but the group is coming along.

Hey, the whole thing is really pleasing at the moment. The Eagles, average age of 25.5 years remember, are moving in the right direction. They figure to get better and better this year and in the future. And what does all of that matter for Sunday night? Not a thing.

The Giants bring with them the No. 1-ranked defense in the league and the No. 2-ranked offense in the league. This is a very impressive team coming to Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday night.

The challenge is out there. The Eagles have to step up their game on Sunday night. The work begins right now, no looking back.

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