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An Early Look At The Offense

BALTIMORE –The Eagles had scored just 55 points in the first quarter in their first 10 games. In need of a good start, here is a detailed look at what the Eagles did in their first three drives against the Ravens. The Eagles were able to control the clock and move the ball, but did not come away with any points. Photo Gallery : PHI vs. BAL 11-23-08


  • Eagles come out in shotgun. Four wide. Delayed draw to Brian Westbrook for six yards.
  • First down on a seven-yard screen to Dan Klecko from an I-formation (Brent Celek starts at tight end).
  • Donovan McNabb flanked in shotgun, audibles to I-form, delay of game called.
  • From I-formation, short pass to the flats to DeSean Jackson for three yards.
  • No huddle, McNabb gets the ball to Kevin Curtis for four yards.
  • On third-and-eight, shotgun. Jackson in backfield with Greg Lewis. McNabb sacked for a loss of six, Jon Runyan beat on the play.


  • Eagles start from their own 8-yard line. Three-wide, Celek still at tight end. Shotgun. Draw to Westbrook for one yard.
  • Correll Buckhalter makes first appearance. Three-wide, shotgun. Pass to L.J. Smith in the flat for three yards.
  • Shotgun. L.J. Smith in the backfield as an H-back. McNabb misfires with pressure in his face, intended for Hank Baskett. Eagles are forced to punt.


  • Eagles start in I-formation. Play-action. Screen to Klecko for 12. First down.
  • Another I-form, and more Buckhalter. This time, he gets the ball, and slashes for eight up the middle.
  • Singleback, two tight ends. Buckhalter bounces off-tackle to Tra Thomas' side for eight more and a first down.
  • Shotgun, with Westbrook and Klecko flanking McNabb. Draw play, Westbrook picks up a single yard.
  • Same formation. No play fake, but McNabb finds Jason Avant across the middle for 15 yards.
  • Double tight-end formation, with Klecko and Westbrook in the backfield. Westbrook gets four on a handoff, setting up a second-and-6 at the end of the first quarter.
  • McNabb starts in the shotgun again, with Westbrook in the backfield, three wideouts, and a tight end. He's pressured, and he throws the ball away.
  • From the shotgun on third-and-6, McNabb hits Baskett across the middle for six.
  • From the same formation on first down, McNabb's arm is hit as he throws, and the ball is picked out of the air. Tra Thomas was beat. Jarret Johnson was credited with a sack, forced fumble and fumble recovery.
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