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Akers Nails 60-Yarder

You might think that a player going through his 11th straight training camp with a team wouldn't feel the same thrill from the crowd that he did earlier in his career.

But that's not the case for David Akers who got the crowd going crazy after he nailed a 60-yard field goal this morning.

"For me, when you get them jacked up like that, it's an adrenaline rush," said Akers, the Eagles all-time leader in points scored. "It's the closest thing to a game situation you can get, and for me, it's great practice."

Akers says his potent left leg feels great, and whatever he's lost in terms of power, he's gained in experience.

"I'm sure I'm not as strong as I was when I was 24" he said, "but the leg power harnessed at the right time along with accuracy that has gotten better over time, then that should be able to make 60.

"As long as you can still hit them from 50 yards distance se, you can still play in this league for a while."

Akers also has the utmost trust in long snapper Jon Dorenbos and holder Sav Rocca.

"I know that the ball's going to be there," Akers said. "It' going to have the right lean when it needs it, and for that part they've one an outstanding job for the past three years."

Having gone through the preseason process for many times, Akers also has trust in head coach Andy Reid to take care of his kickers.

"You go through a fatigue factor because you're kicking every single day," he said. "Then Andy pulls back during the preseason games to let you get your legs back and ready for the season."

Akers is one of the two longest tenured Eagles, Donovan McNabb being the other, and has been through his share of special teams coaches. He's excited about what the animated newcomer Ted Daisher brings to the table.

"I think we're going to have a very good special teams unit this year," Akers said. "The one thing (Daisher) says is 'Being average is unacceptable. You come to the Philadelphia Eagles and you plan on winning and you plan on being good at what you do. And you better get used to doing it that way because that's the only way I'm going to accept it.'"

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 2:47 p.m., August 8

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