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Akers: Best Kicker Of The Decade

Which two Eagles over the past decade have been the most underrated? According to a recent article on by Aaron Schatz and Football Outsiders, the answer is running back Brian Westbrook and kicker David Akers. Using their advanced statistics, Football Outsiders compiled a list of the 25 most underrated and most overrated players of the past decade. Westbrook came in as the 15th most underrated, which Schatz attributed to Westbrook not getting enough credit for his production in the beginning of his career. According to Schatz, Westbrook has been among the best three runners in the game in three seasons during his career and among the best five receiving running backs for five straight seasons.

Akers came in two spots behind Westbrook at No. 17, and was deemed the best kicker of the decade by Schatz. According to Football Outsiders, the Eagles have had the second-best production in the league in both field goals and kickoffs over the past decade.

Recently retired wide receiver Derrick Mason came in as the most underrated player of the past decade, and interestingly enough not a single Eagles player was included on the list of the 25 most overrated players.

-- Posted by Bo Wulf, 5:40 p.m., July 20

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