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After Busy Offseason, Justice Ready To Roll

Beyond that, Justice also had to spend a lot of time rehabbing his left knee, the left leg is the "plant leg" for a right tackle, which was operated on in February. All of that while a transition to Howard Mudd's offensive line scheme loomed over Justice and his linemates.

"Of course" it was busy, Justice said upon his arrival at Lehigh University. "The weekly calls and the meetings in Washington took a little time away, but it was worth it because you actually get to serve your teammates."

Justice's duties as the team's player rep are not over yet. In order for the union to recertify, Justice's teammates have to individually sign off on the recertification when they check in. The league requires a majority decision from their players in order to recertify, which Justice believes will come without much of a fight.

"I think that's really important to get those guys to really sign those cards," Justice said." That process has started already. That's one of the reasons that we wanted to get into camp, so they could sign those cards."

Meanwhile, Justice is unsure if he's locked into the starting right tackle spot where he's spent the last two seasons. Justice was replaced by King Dunlap during the season finale against the Green Bay Packers, but he says last season is in the past.

Coach Reid and I "had conversations already," Justice said. "I think that game's in the past. I think that season's in the past. I think me and (coach) Reid are really looking towards the future and we both have goals and we both shared out goals with each other and I think we have an understanding."

Justice believes that he wasn't at his best last season, thanks in large part to the hampering knee injury. With that hopefully behind him, he expects a big 2011, but he also won't push himself too far yet while the knee continues to recover.

"I'm still taking it day by day," he said. "I don't want to risk reinjuring it or making it worse ... I don't know (if I'll practice tomorrow).

"I've been unhealthy for a long time and I just want to feel healthy. Football is a game where you're going to be injured; you're going to feel unhealthy. I just want to feel as close to 100 percent as possible."

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