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A Perfect 10: Inside Bradford's Big Night


GREEN BAY, WI -- Sam Bradford said earlier this week that he was looking forward to playing more than one drive on Saturday night. He wanted to be able to get into a rhythm and keep the ball moving on multiple drives.

It's fair to say that's exactly what he did against Green Bay, as he completed all 10 of his pass attempts for 121 yards and three touchdowns. Getting into a good rhythm was an understatement.

"I think it would be a little unrealistic to think you're going to have that kind of game every time out, but it was good to see the work that we've put in during the week pay off tonight," Bradford said. "Our guys up front did a great job, not only in pass protection but in the run game as well. It seemed like we were just firing on all cylinders tonight, and we just got into a rhythm and hopefully that's what we can continue to do."

Saturday's game was Bradford's first extended action of the preseason, and while he didn't take as many big hits as he did against Baltimore, it was still another test passed by the Eagles quarterback.

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"Like I said last week, it was good to get in there and take a few hits," Bradford said. "Playing this position, you're going to have to do that, especially when it's fourth down at the 2 or 3, most of the time they're going to come after you, but I was able to hang in there and make the throw."

Bradford's first touchdown pass of the night came on a perfectly placed touchdown toss to Darren Sproles in the first quarter. Sproles called the pass "money" after the game, and Bradford is grateful to have No. 43 on his side.

"It's a great mismatch when we can get a mismatch with him against linebackers or even safeties at times," Bradford said. "He's got a great feel for a lot of those choice routes, especially inside. On that wheel down the sidelines, we drew that up for that coverage to get him matched up with the linebacker. He ran a great route and made a nice catch."

Bradford showed Eagles fans just how smoothly he can operate in the Eagles' offense, but there's still more work to be done before the opener, according to the quarterback.

"We'll have to look at the tape," Bradford said. "I'm sure I missed a few things tonight, but we'll just continue to work to get that timing and rhythm in the passing game. I thought it was better than it was last week, but by no means is it perfect. We've got two weeks until we play Atlanta, so we've got a lot of work to do. I'm sure there are things we're going to put in before we play in that season opener."

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