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A Couple Of Rules To Follow For Roster

Some quick hits as the Eagles work the phones and push some names around on their Big Board and trim down to reach the 53-man roster. And, promise, no wild leaps of faith, because the front office has its agenda that it has kept private and certainly wants to execute in the next couple of days ...


  • On Jason Babin, who signed a contract with a "new set of terms," a phrase I admit that I had never before heard. I am guessing that what it means is that the Eagles moved some numbers around to make Babin's salary-cap number for 2009 more palatable. Anyway, the contract means that Babin has made this team and for anybody who has watched the preseason, that comes as no surprise. Babin is a high-energy player who seems at home in this defense than in schemes he has played in during his career. Babin brings some speed off the edge, and the Eagles are going to continue to work with him as see what he can deliver this year.
  • Here is Rule No. 1: Don't fall in love with names at this time of the year. There certainly are plenty of names hitting the streets, and the smart teams don't bite on the attractiveness of the names. They base their evaluations on what they have seen from the player in the preseason and during his career. This is the time when pro scouts earn their paychecks.
  • Rule No. 2: Scheme is an important part, and maybe the most important part, in evaluating how much a player from another team can help here. If it is just a matter of special teams, players can adapt very quickly and easily. For offense and defense, it's all about the scheme.
  • Can't wait to see how it all turns out at tight end. Tony Curtis showed against the Jets that he can get down the field and that he can catch passes and that he can block. I guess I would be very surprised if the didn't make the team. Will the Eagles keep three tight ends? And if they do, is Matt Schobel the right fit? He knows the offense, he is reliable and he is going to go in their in a pinch and get to the right spots at the right time.
  • Sounds like cornerback Dimitri Patterson is going to be OK after his sprained ankle, and he is a valuable guy to have around as a gunner on special teams. Yeah, Ted Daisher has a busy, busy week in front of him. He has to pull together coverage teams that were porous in the preseason. Just as every special teams coach in the league has, Daisher has to get his troops together and on the same page in a matter of four practices in the week ahead.
  • OK, so what was the Eagles' record in the preseason? Does anybody care?
  • Not sure if this is etched in stone, but Rule No. 3 for the next few days is to go young and stay young. Old players looking for that last paycheck are not the kind of players who will be productive in backup and special-teams roles. They want the moolah and they want to play on Sundays.
  • Want to hear a player I think is perfect for the practice squad? How about Rob Myers, the rookie tight end signed after Cornelius Ingram was injured. Myers looked pretty good as he played, and he has a chance to be an athletic pass catcher in this league. Staying healthy at only about 235 pounds is going to be a great challenge for Myers.
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