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Videos - January 2014

Published On Title
2014-01-01 In Studio: Brian Baldinger
2014-01-01 In Studio: Merrill Reese
2014-01-01 One -On -One With Chip Kelly Presented By Gatorade
2014-01-01 Cover 2: Playoff Preview
2014-01-01 Press Conference: Chip Kelly
2014-01-01 Press Conference: LeSean McCoy
2014-01-01 Press Conference: DeMeco Ryans
2014-01-01 Conference Call: Sean Payton
2014-01-01 Conference Call: Drew Brees
2014-01-01 Defense Prepares For Potent Saints Offense
2014-01-02 In Studio: DeMeco Ryans
2014-01-02 Scouting Report: Jimmy Graham
2014-01-02 Dissecting The Saints' Pressure Package
2014-01-02 Offense Expecting Saints Best
2014-01-02 Collinsworth: Eagles, Saints Very Similar
2014-01-02 Eagles Update: Playoff Prep Continues
2014-01-02 Coach's Corner: Ted Williams
2014-01-03 Pre-Snap Read: Receiver Distribution And Location
2014-01-03 In Studio: Sal Paolantonio
2014-01-03 Kelly-strator: Wild Card Week
2014-01-03 Progress Report: Mychal Kendricks
2014-01-03 Eagles Update: All-Pro Announcements
2014-01-03 Nick Foles: What It Means To Be A QB
2014-01-04 Eagles Unscripted: Wildcard Weekend
2014-01-04 Eagles Game Plan: Wild Card Week
2014-01-04 NFL Films Preview: Saints vs. Eagles
2014-01-04 Cosell: The Weakness In The Saints Secondary
2014-01-04 Prime Matchup: Cole vs Armstead
2014-01-04 Game Plan: Cosell Looks At The Saints Passing Game
2014-01-04 Wild Card Cartoon: "All Of Us"
2014-01-04 On The Phone: Sal Paolantonio
2014-01-04 Ryans Grabs The INT
2014-01-04 Fletcher Intercepts Brees
2014-01-04 Cooper's 10-Yard TD Reception
2014-01-04 McCoy Scores From 1-Yd Out
2014-01-04 Ertz 3-yard TD Reception
2014-01-04 Wild Card: Saints vs. Eagles Highlights
2014-01-04 Wild Card Weekend: Nick Foles highlights
2014-01-04 Press Conference: Chip Kelly
2014-01-04 Davis: We Made Some Big Leaps
2014-01-04 Press Conference: Nick Foles
2014-01-04 Lurie: Eagles Headed In The Right Direction
2014-01-04 Offense Reacts After Tough Outing
2014-01-04 We Came Together As A Team
2014-01-06 Press Conference: Nick Foles
2014-01-06 Press Conference: Chip Kelly
2014-01-06 Eagles Update: Kelly Reflects On Year One
2014-01-08 2013: Best Of Nick Foles
2014-01-08 Four Plays Tell The Story Of 2013
2014-01-08 2013: Best of LeSean McCoy
2014-01-09 Spudcam Highlights Crowd At LFF
2014-01-09 2014 Mobile App Preview: Alicia
2014-01-10 LeSean McCoy: FedEx Ground Nominee
2014-01-10 2013: Best Of DeSean Jackson
2014-01-10 In Studio: Merrill Reese
2014-01-13 In Studio: Bill Davis
2014-01-13 In Studio: Pat Shurmur
2014-01-13 In Studio: Howie Roseman
2014-01-13 In Studio: Adam Caplan
2014-01-14 2014 East-West Shrine Game - Day 1 Recap
2014-01-14 Shrine Game "East" Practice (Day 1)
2014-01-14 Shrine Game "West" Practice (Day 1)
2014-01-14 Eagles Fight Hunger With Online Food Drive
2014-01-15 2014 East-West Shrine Game - Day 2 Recap
2014-01-15 Shrine Game "West" Practice: OL vs. DL
2014-01-15 Shrine Game "West" WR vs. DB (Day 2)
2014-01-15 Shrine Game "West" Practice: Team Drill
2014-01-16 2014 East-West Shrine Game - Day 3 Recap
2014-01-16 Shrine Game "East" Practice: OL vs. DL
2014-01-16 Shrine Game "West" Practice: Team Drill
2014-01-20 Previewing The 2014 Senior Bowl
2014-01-20 Senior Bowl: WRs vs DBs
2014-01-20 Senior Bowl: 11-On-11 On Day One
2014-01-20 Senior Bowl Wrap-Up: Day 1
2014-01-21 Senior Bowl: 7-On-7 Action
2014-01-21 Senior Bowl: Battle In The Trenches
2014-01-21 Senior Bowl: WRs Take On DBs 1-on-1
2014-01-21 Senior Bowl: North Team Scrimmage
2014-01-21 Wrapping Up Day 2 In Mobile
2014-01-22 Barwin Wired For Sound Vs. Saints
2014-01-22 Senior Bowl: South Squad Full-Team Action
2014-01-22 Senior Bowl: Blitz Pickup
2014-01-22 Senior Bowl: North Squad Scrimmage
2014-01-22 Senior Bowl: Wrapping Up Day 3
2014-01-22 Senior Bowl: South Team Scrimmage
2014-01-22 Spudcam: Pro Bowl Draft
2014-01-22 Eagles Update: Eagles Shine Off The Field
2014-01-23 Senior Bowl: O-Line Takes On The D-Line
2014-01-23 Eagles Update: First Pro Bowl Practices
2014-01-24 Spudcam: Fans Take In Practice
2014-01-24 McCoy Mic'd Up During Pro Bowl Practice
2014-01-24 Wrapping Up The Senior Bowl
2014-01-24 Wired For Sound: Jackson Fired Up
2014-01-25 Inside The Senior Bowl
2014-01-25 2014 Mobile App Preview: Amanda Rose
2014-01-25 Wired For Sound: Mathis Keeping It Light
2014-01-25 Wired For Sound: Foles Proving He Belongs
2014-01-26 Pro Bowl Can't Miss Play: Luck-y Flea-Flicker
2014-01-26 LeSean McCoy Drills Pro Bowl Photographer
2014-01-26 Foles Delivers TD To Cameron
2014-01-26 2014 Pro Bowl: Nick Foles Highlights
2014-01-26 Nick Foles: 'We're Competitors'
2014-01-27 Caplan Reacts To Musgrave Hiring
2014-01-28 Zierlein Talks Line Play
2014-01-29 Best Cold Weather Game: Snow Bowl
2014-01-29 Kelce Preps For Wing Bowl XXII
2014-01-30 McCoy: Players Take Huddle For Granted
2014-01-30 Ivelisse Represents Eagles At Pro Bowl
2014-01-30 Foles: "Our Team Kept Growing Together"
2014-01-30 Player Profile: Connor Barwin
2014-01-31 Kelce Excels At Wing Bowl XXII
2014-01-31 Lurie: Philadelphia Terrific For Super Bowl