Videos - April 2013

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2013-04-01 Howie Roseman Joins 'NFL AM'
2013-04-01 Film Room: Arrelious Benn
2013-04-01 Scouting Report: Shamarko Thomas
2013-04-01 Film Room: DT Prospects
2013-04-02 Eagles Sponsor Mine Sniffing Dog
2013-04-02 Graham In Studio: Pushing The Tempo
2013-04-02 Film Room: WR Draft Class
2013-04-03 Cover 2: Eagles Spring Into Action
2013-04-03 Eagles Update: Players Return To Work
2013-04-03 Ryans Ready To Play For Kelly
2013-04-03 Film Room: Kenny Phillips
2013-04-03 Eagles Update: Foles And Jackson Meet With Media
2013-04-03 Foles: I’m A Fit With Chip
2013-04-04 Film Room: LB Prospects
2013-04-04 Ryans Anxious To Lead The Way
2013-04-05 Eagles Update: Signs Of Things To Come
2013-04-05 Film Room: Essence Of QB Play
2013-04-06 Off The Field: Jamielee
2013-04-06 Ryans Feels The Energy
2013-04-07 Brugler: Manuel Makes Sense
2013-04-08 Norris: Warmack Is My Top Player
2013-04-08 Film Room: Rounding Out QBs
2013-04-08 Give Kids Sight Day This Saturday
2013-04-08 Momah Set To Step Up
2013-04-09 Film Room: Talented Crop Of Safeties
2013-04-09 Eagles Update: Barwin Ready For Mini-Camp
2013-04-10 A Peek Into Cooper's Physique
2013-04-10 Kelly Discusses Future Of The Eagles
2013-04-10 Jackson Reacts To Greatest Play Ever
2013-04-11 Film Room: Patrick Chung
2013-04-12 Film Room: Top-End Tight Ends
2013-04-12 Film Room: Incoming Running Backs
2013-04-12 Eagles Cheerleaders: Making The Team
2013-04-12 The Newest Bird: Acho Ready To Go
2013-04-13 Eagles Update: Kiper Chimes In On Draft Prospects
2013-04-13 Film Room: Bradley Fletcher
2013-04-13 Meet The Coaches: Matt Harper
2013-04-13 2013 Give Kids Sight Day
2013-04-15 Roseman Working On Team's Draft Scenarios
2013-04-15 Harbor: Energy Is High
2013-04-15 Caplan Gives Draft Preview
2013-04-15 Polk: "I Fit This Scheme Perfectly"
2013-04-15 Ceremony Opens FDR Playground
2013-04-16 Film Room: Defensive End Class
2013-04-16 Pauline Unveils Top 32 For Next Week's Draft
2013-04-16 Eagles Huddle Up For Autism
2013-04-16 Reese Enjoying Offseason
2013-04-16 Kelly Holds Court As Camp Opens
2013-04-16 Eagles Update: A Look Inside Eagles' Practice
2013-04-16 Eagles Update: Roseman On Draft
2013-04-17 Paolantonio On The Eagles' New Direction
2013-04-17 A Confident Vick Declares This Is His Team
2013-04-17 Eagles Update: Mini-Camp Continues
2013-04-18 Philadelphia Hosts Beyond Sport
2013-04-18 Eagles Cheerleaders: Making The Team
2013-04-18 McCoy Says Offense Suits His Style
2013-04-18 Connor Barwin Joins 'NFL AM'
2013-04-18 Cox Looking To Progress In Year Two
2013-04-18 Herremans Adjusting To New Scheme
2013-04-18 Mayock: Eagles The Team To Watch
2013-04-19 Film Room: Offensive Line Class
2013-04-20 Eagles Update: Back To Basics
2013-04-20 Predict The Season: NFC East
2013-04-22 Eagles Cheerleaders: Making The Team
2013-04-22 Mock Draft: Who Will Be The Pick?
2013-04-22 Mock Draft: Who Are Reese and Caplan's Picks?
2013-04-22 Eagles Partner Up for Earth Day
2013-04-23 Draft Room: Philadelphia Eagles
2013-04-23 Scouting Report: Ryan Nassib
2013-04-23 Norris: Eagles In A Great Spot At Number Four
2013-04-23 In Studio: Leonard Weaver
2013-04-23 Pauline Gives Final Draft Preview
2013-04-23 What Will The Eagles Do At No. 4?
2013-04-23 Film Room: Cornerback Class
2013-04-24 Reese: Versatility The Key To A Great Draft Pick
2013-04-24 2013 Cheerleader Finals Archive
2013-04-24 The 2013 Eagles Cheerleaders!
2013-04-24 Zierlein Gives His Draft Picks To Watch
2013-04-25 Breer: Eagles Exploring Options In Round One
2013-04-25 Cosell, Jaworksi Talk Value In Top 10
2013-04-25 Draft Memories: Dougherty Recounts Draft Day
2013-04-25 Cosell, Jaworski Talk Value In The Draft
2013-04-25 Cosell, Jaworski Talk Quarterbacks
2013-04-25 Draft Memories: Waiting For The Call
2013-04-25 Philadelphia Eagles Draft Lane Johnson
2013-04-25 Draft Profile: OT Lane Johnson
2013-04-25 Bob Stoops Conference Call
2013-04-25 Senior Bowl: Lane Johnson
2013-04-25 Film Room: Lane Johnson
2013-04-25 Kelly, Roseman and Smolenski Greet Fans
2013-04-25 Johnson: I'm A Great Fit In Philadelphia
2013-04-25 Fans React To The Pick
2013-04-25 Kelly Reacts To Johnson Selection
2013-04-26 Johnson Excited To Be An Eagle
2013-04-26 Lane Johnson 2013 NFL Draft interview
2013-04-26 Draft Memories: Ready For The Pros
2013-04-26 Lane Johnson Inside The Studio
2013-04-26 Draft Memories: Getting The Call
2013-04-26 Draft Memories: The Pre-Draft Process
2013-04-26 Eagles Draft Zach Ertz No. 35 Overall
2013-04-26 Lane Johnson Meets The Media
2013-04-26 First Draft: Zach Ertz
2013-04-26 Film Room: Zach Ertz
2013-04-26 Kelly Excited To Add Ertz
2013-04-26 Eagles draft DT Bennie Logan No. 67
2013-04-26 Bennie Logan On The Phone
2013-04-26 Ertz Excited To Join The Eagles
2013-04-26 Ertz' High School Coach Weighs In
2013-04-26 Kelly, Roseman Wrap Up Day Two Action
2013-04-27 Cosell and Caplan Preview Day Three
2013-04-27 Eagles Draft Matt Barkley No. 98 Overall
2013-04-27 Ertz Meets The Media
2013-04-27 Get To Know Matt Barkley
2013-04-27 New Eagle Earl Wolff Calls In
2013-04-27 Kelly: Wolff A Hard-Nosed Player
2013-04-27 Bennie Logan Inside The Studio
2013-04-27 Eagles Sweepstakes Winner
2013-04-27 On The Phone: DE Joe Kruger
2013-04-27 Kelly: Barkley A Value Pick
2013-04-27 Senior Bowl: Jordan Poyer
2013-04-27 King Looks To Be Impact Player
2013-04-29 Roseman Recaps The Draft Process
2013-04-29 A Memorable Day For Air Force MSGT Jones
2013-04-29 Baldinger Weighs In On Draft And Offseason
2013-04-30 Stanford's David Shaw Talks TE Zach Ertz
2013-04-30 Cosell Sits Down With TE Ertz
2013-04-30 Eagles Tackle Chess With Local Students