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Zach Ertz Sets Single-Season NFL Tight End Receptions Record

It seems that Zach Ertz has broken records in every game over the last month or so, but Sunday's record-breaking performance may have been the most historically significant.

With 12 catches for 110 yards, Ertz broke Jason Witten's record of 110 catches by a tight end in a single season set back in 2012, finishing the day with 113 catches on the year. The Eagles, of course, still have one game left to play – a road matchup with Washington –for Ertz to add to his all-time great numbers.

"I don't think I've truly come to grips with it yet," Ertz said afterward. "One thing I do know is I'm thankful to my Lord and savior Jesus Christ for allowing me to be here. I'm thankful for everyone who helped me along the way. The one thing I do know is I didn't get here by myself. Jason Witten has been a huge part of this, so I think technically part of him still has the record. Brent Celek has been huge for me. There's just been so many people along the way that have helped me that I'm just eternally grateful for.

"I think it truly takes a village to become a professional athlete – my family, my wife (Julie). I'm so thankful for everyone who's helped me along the way. It is special though, having that record. Hopefully, it's something that will last a while, but if not, I'll be happy for the next guy to do it. But it is special."

On Sunday, Ertz's performance was about both quantity and quality. Two of his catches went for touchdowns, with his second giving the Eagles a 29-14 lead early in the fourth quarter. The Texans would come back to take the lead late, but Ertz and the offense drove down the field to get in range for the eventual game-winning 35-yard field goal from Jake Elliott.

"That fourth quarter, the circumstances, that kind of epitomizes our whole season, and we did not blink," Ertz said. "The guys in the huddle were so confident. (Nick) Foles was so confident. Everyone was so calm. We've been in that situation so many times together, and no one flinched. I think that's the mark of a good team.

"They're a big zone defense, and finding zones is kind of something that I take a lot of pride in. They're a really good defense. That front four, those front seven guys are really, really talented. (Jadeveon) Clowney, (J.J.) Watt, (Bernardrick) McKinney, they're all really talented … I'm just glad we won the game. To have that many targets and catches and to win the game feels really good, and that is what I love."

The Eagles will hop on a train and head south to our nation's capital for the final regular-season game next Sunday. The Eagles will need some help from the Chicago Bears (who visit the Minnesota Vikings) or Seattle (if the Seahawks lose out), but Ertz knows the Eagles need to just take care of what they can control and let the chips fall where they may.

"It's tough not to really control your own destiny, but at the same time if you focus on everything else going on and you slip up because we're not focused on our job, it's really not going to matter.," Ertz said. "We've said for a while now every game is a must-win game. That's the way we've approached these last five games."

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