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WR Jackson: Fans Deserve Super Bowl

Upon signing his five-year contract with the Eagles a month ago, pro bowl wide receiver DeSean Jackson vowed that he would be fully focused on football moving forward without the albatross of contract discussions looming over him. Now, with the Eagles' offseason conditioning program underway, Jackson's appearance and participation with his teammates serves as an example of that commitment and stands in contrast to Jackson's absence from the beginning of last summer's training camp. As Jackson will tell you himself, he's all-in.

"It's a great atmosphere around here, seeing some faces we haven't seen in a couple of months," Jackson said Wednesday. "The atmosphere is up. We're excited. Everybody's energy is right where it needs to be and we're going to tunnel it all in the right direction to go out there on the field and put it in.

"I'm looking forward to just getting out there and playing ball, doing something I love to do, just being concentrating and focused on going out there and helping this team be successful, bring a Super Bowl to this city of Philadelphia. The fans, I think, deserve it. Coach Reid, everybody's been around this organization for so long, that time is due. As a team and as a player, we just have to put it together and make it happen."

As is customary when a player signs a new contract, especially one that included a reported $10 million signing bonus, Jackson has received the standard in-jest requests for loans from his teammates.

"People play around with it, it's nothing too serious," Jackson said with a smile, singling out wide receivers coach David Culley as one of the culprits when Culley walked by. "It's honestly a blessing to be able to have people come at me like that and joke with me. I just have to put myself in the best position to take advantage of my money and make it work for itself. "

Jackson, though, said that he is remaining cautious with his newfound riches and remains focused on his performance on the field.

"Lot of phone calls, had to change my number a couple times," Jackson said when asked how his life has changed over the last month. "But honestly, it's just been great. A lot of respect, a lot of people congratulating me and saying 'Well deserved' and stuff like that. I'm going to just take it one day at a time, be humbled by it and most of all make sure I handle it the right way and not just blow through my money."

Before he whisked off to run routes with the rest of the receivers and catch passes from Michael Vick, Jackson said that being around his teammates, especially in the wake of yesterday's schedule release, he's getting that football itch.

"We're ready for this season," he said. "Being here in the weight room working out, you can see everybody on the field running. I say the energy is there, so as long as we have that, that's the best thing. I say Go Eagles, we're ready for this year."

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