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Will Adversity Bring The Fight Out?

Cornerback Asante Samuel took the idea of keeping the team together as one quite literally after practice Thursday.

Looking to keep the media out of the locker room, he used a golf club to lock the entrance. Samuel, in fact, wouldn't even open the door for a couple of players including quarterback Michael Vick who were still coming off the practice field.

Eventually, the players and the media were allowed in the locker room, but the message was clear. In a dire need of a win this Sunday in Washington to snap the team's losing streak, the Eagles are more united than ever before.

"We're not feeling (bad) for anyone. We're all in this thing together," Samuel said. "We're grown men and we're warriors, baby. We're going to fight. That's how we're going to do it.

"The Eagles are going to come out swinging, fighting and we are going to go out there and do our (thing)."

Samuel was reportedly one of the players who spoke at the players-only meeting that took place on Wednesday. After practice on Wednesday, Vick was adamant that the players deserved to bear the brunt of the criticism for the team's slow start and not anyone else. The Eagles have outgained teams and lost. The Eagles have held fourth-quarter leads three times during the losing streak. Costly mistakes on both sides of the ball have allowed the Eagles to find themselves in last place in the NFC East.

But instead of pointing fingers and assigning blame, the Eagles truly believe that they can still turn their season around - starting Sunday in Washington.

"We just want to rally around ourselves and this organization and go out there and play football like we're capable of playing. That's something we want to do and that's something I can sit up here and say we'll get done," wide receiver Jeremy Maclin said.

"We all like each other. We're behind each other. This is our team. These are my teammates. It's an easy way to stay together. When everybody else is looking down on you, the only people that can pull things together is us. Nobody here likes losing. We're all winners. We have to take that mentality and translate it over to the game."

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