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What Did Carson Wentz Do This Offseason?


After the Eagles concluded the 2016 season with a win over the Dallas Cowboys on New Year's Day, head coach Doug Pederson had a simple message for quarterback Carson Wentz.

"It's like I tell every player - get away, relax. I don't want to see you, you don't need to see me. Get out of the building, go on vacation, heal up, rest, do all of those things that you need to do and be fresh when you come back April 17. Take some time for yourself," Pederson said.

It's now April 17 and Wentz was with his teammates back at the NovaCare Complex for the start of the team's offseason condition program on Monday. Wentz appreciated the time to be able to step back after a whirlwind first year in the NFL.

"It was big for me, obviously being a rookie, that rookie year was just kind of crazy from the Combine and everything all the way through it. I was fortunate enough to start all 16 games, so to finally get away and be able to breathe and relax and spend some time with friends and family, it was really big for me," he said.

Here's a look back at some of the things that he's been up to over the past three months.

Two of my favorites  just missing mama Henley! — Carson Wentz (@cj_wentz) March 14, 2017

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