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What Are The Players Doing For The Bye?

While fans try to figure out what they're going to do with the bye week, find out how the Eagles players are spending their final few days of relaxation before the stretch run of the season …

Fletcher Cox: "Go hunting."

Brent Celek: "I'm relaxing."

Mychal Kendricks: "I'll be spending the bye week here (at the NovaCare Complex), just working hard and getting a jump on things – just coming in, working out, running around, icing, hot-tubbing."

Brandon Boykin: "I'm going back to Atlanta, chill out and see my family, all that type of stuff."

Nate Allen: "I'm heading to Florida, man. I'm outta here. I'm getting back down to that sunshine, play some golf and fish. Re-energize and rejuvenate the mind, it'll be good."

Connor Barwin: "I'll be in Philly for a couple days, then I'm getting out and going to the beach for a couple days, then I'll be back. I'll probably watch a little bit of football, but I like to get away and kind of disconnect a little bit. It's been a long time, we've been doing this everyday so you have to come back eager, fresh, nor just physically but mentally as well."

Cary Williams: "I'm going home, man. I gotta get away, gotta spend time with my daughter, my wife, my family. We're going to have a good time this weekend, this week. I'm just going to relax, get my mind off of football as best I possibly can – just chill, have fun, go to the movies maybe, go to the park, visit Chuck-E-Cheese with my daughter. Just hang out, man, be a dad, that's the great part about this bye."

Lane Johnson: "I'm going to head home to Texas, probably do a little bit of hunting, see some of my friends and family. Nothing too extravagant."

Nick Foles: "Just relax. It's been a long season. We have a nice bye week right here and then a five-game stretch in December that we're really looking forward to. We've got Arizona coming up. I'll be thinking about that, getting ready for that, but I'm going to relax and spend some time with family."

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