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Wentz Reacts To Brett Favre's Comments


The Eagles took charge in Week two and started their season 2-0. Check out some of the Signature Moments from the game in Chicago.

Throughout his childhood, Carson Wentz idolized Brett Favre.

When the rookie first arrived in Philadelphia, the day after he was drafted, he explained how he loved Favre's toughness, grittiness and energy. Wentz now does his best to embody those characteristics in his own game, something he's successfully accomplished in the opening weeks of the 2016 season.

His first two performances have drawn a lot of attention, and not just in the Philadelphia area. Fans, coaches and analysts across the country are praising Wentz. Much to the rookie's surprise, Favre has been paying attention as well.

So far, the Hall of Fame quarterback likes what he sees in the No. 2 overall pick.

"Pretty impressed. I thought he handled himself the last two weeks with a lot of poise. He looked like the 10-year veteran," Favre said on the SiriusXM Blitz when asked about Wentz. "I think Philly is still without committing a turnover. Going into Chicago, whether Chicago's playing great or not so great, is a tough place to play, especially for a young kid. But, I thought he handled himself extremely well. I'm impressed with him."

On Thursday afternoon, while in the thick of preparing for Sunday's game against Steelers, Wentz didn't know a thing about Favre's comments. As he's said time and time again throughout the past few weeks, he does his best to block out the outside noise and focus on the team's game plan for the upcoming opponent.

However, when asked about the quote, Wentz couldn't help but smile at the mention of Favre's name. Seconds later, he finally heard what the legendary gunslinger had to say about him. The rookie from North Dakota was speechless.

The smile continued to grow as he realized the person he followed all his life, the NFL player he looked up to more than any other, is now watching his career. The roles have been reversed, which is more than a little bit surreal to the Eagle.

"That's pretty crazy! I grew up watching Brett," Wentz said. "I've always admired the way he played the game, how much fun he had. Even to know he's out there and paying attention and saying those things, it's pretty cool and encouraging."

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