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Wednesday Morning Headlines

Rise and shine, Eagles nation! Are you ready for the free agency to begin? Are you prepared for the upcoming NFL draft? If you answered "No" to either or both of those questions, then you need to check out the latest Eagles headlines ...

The Eagles continued their busy offseason on Tuesday, releasing wide receiver Jason Avant.

Dave Spadaro reflects on Avant's time as an Eagle and what he meant to the team.

Our Offseason Countdown looks at one of the top safeties in Eagles history.

The latest Scout's Notebook segment looks at how to evaluate the safety position.

Photos: Some Eagles took a trip to Edgewood Elementary School for Play60's Breakfast Challenge.

Other Views

Some of the latest Eagles free agency buzz.

Find out who said that the Eagles are "pulling away from the rest of the division."

Could this free agent find his way to the Eagles secondary?

This free agent playmaker lands on one writer's Eagles wish list.

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