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Thursday Morning Headlines

Here's your daily news roundup for Thursday, August 30 ...

Wednesday was a day for the running backs, as Brian Westbrook retired an Eagle.

In his retirement, Westbrook remained a class act as ever.

Chris Polk heads into a big game tonight hoping to keep his dream alive.

Two receivers for the Eagles share a unique bond.

Oshiomogho Atogwe and Jaiquawn Jarrett each have something to prove tonight.

Other Views

Tonight is the last chance for players to state their case for a roster spot.

There's no question: Brian Westbrook was worth the risk.

Akeem Jordan is ready to make an impact as a starter.

The Eagles' rookie class has been sparkling thus far.

What kind of effect will have on Michael Vick?

Could the Eagles trade one of their talented backup running backs?

How talented are the Eagles on defense?

Why Nick Foles' ascension could be good for .

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