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These Tricks Were Treats For Eagles Fans

Eagles fans of all ages will suit up in their costumes and enjoy some Halloween fun tonight. Whether they're dressing up as SWOOP or perhaps one of their favorite players, it's sure to be a scary good night around the Philadelphia area.

In honor of the spookiest holiday of the year, here's a look back at some of the greatest trick plays in Eagles history to take a look at before going trick-or-treating  ...

Randall's Coffin Kick Dooms The Giants - 1989

The winds were gusting on that cold December day at the Meadowlands, and with the Eagles and Giants tied at 17 in the fourth quarter, quarterback Randall Cunningham took the snap and punted the ball from his own end zone. The play caught the Giants by surprise, as the ball bounced deep into New York territory. The end result was a 91-yard punt, the longest in Eagles history, and an eventual Eagles victory.

No Costume Needed For The Wolverine - 2002



When they hosted the Houston Texans for the first time ever in 2002, the Eagles pulled a new trick out of the bag for their first-time opponent. Lined up in a punt formation, the snap went instead to Brian Mitchell who then pitched a perfect shovel pass to Weapon X himself, Brian Dawkins. The Eagles' safety streaked down the field for the score, capping off a terrific game in which he recorded a sack, recovered a fumble, picked off a pass and caught a touchdown.

Wickedly Good Way To Start The Season - 2000



The 2000 season opener will live in Eagles lore as the Pickle Juice Game thanks to the Eagles' outside-the-box method of keeping cool on a brutally hot Texas Day. Duce Staley ran wild for 202 yards on that day, but many fans will always think back to the very first play of the afternoon. The Eagles ran a perfectly executed onside kick and went on to defeat the Cowboys 41-14. The play was an early look a the aggressive playcalling that helped make Andy Reid's tenure as head coach so successful. 

Carmichael's Mischief Fools Baltimore - 1983


Harold Carmichael being on the receiving end of an Eagles touchdown was a common sight through the '70s and early '80s. After all, Carmichael hauled in a franchise-record 79 touchdowns over 13 seasons. But in 1983, Carmichael was on the passing end. After catching a backwards pass from Ron Jaworski, the Eagles' tall receiver turned and heaved the ball deep to Mike Quick for a 45-yard touchdown.

"For years, we ran the quick screen where I faked like I was going deep and came back and Ron threw the ball to me," Carmichael recalled. "This certain time I dropped way back so he threw a lateral to me. Mike ran a post pattern down the field. Perfect spiral. He never broke a stride.

"That's the only pass I ever completed. We attempted it three or four times. We didn't practice it a whole lot because I can throw the ball. I quarterbacked in high school."

Plays Worthy Of A Fun-Size Candy Bar

  • Koy Detmer's over-the-shoulder flip to David Akers on a fake field goal in 2000.
  • Brian Westbrook's 25-yard touchdown pass to Todd Pinkston in the Eagles' 44-13 victory over Dallas in 2002.
  • Todd Herremans' two career receiving touchdowns (at Seattle in 2008 and at Dallas in 2010).
  • Randall Cunningham's fake-kneel touchdown pass against Dallas in 1987.
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