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The Best Of Carson Wentz


Quarterback Carson Wentz became just the fifth rookie quarterback to win the first two games of the season since the 1970 NFL merger. According to ESPN Stats & Info, he is the only one to do so with no team turnovers.

Wentz was 21-of-34 for 190 yards with a touchdown for an 86.6 rating in the Eagles' 29-14 victory over the Chicago Bears. Wentz is the first rookie quarterback to win his first Monday night start since 2013, and just the second ever to win it on the road.

Here are the five best quotes from Wentz on the victory:

"It was a lot of fun. To come out there and for coach to have confidence in me. We talked about if we get a completion early on we're just going to stay in and keep going no huddle. It was a lot of fun and we did really good execution of that. It gave me confidence early on throughout the game that transferred over throughout the game." - Wentz on the no-huddle attack on the offense's first drive

"Throughout the week I just realized I'm going back to where my life changed so to speak. It was good to be back here and come out here with a win." - Wentz on his return to Chicago, the site of the NFL Draft

"It's something I pride myself on, this offense prides themselves on. It's just controlling the ball. Protecting the football, making smart decisions. ... Knowing when to take your chances and you know we've had some fortunate plays as well." - Wentz on not turning the ball over

"I came out with the same routine. It was a cool stage Monday Night Football everything was sweet but it was a football game and we came out with a win." - Wentz on playing on Monday Night Football

"That was huge. The defense had a huge turnover that gave us the touchdown no more or less. The defense did a great job giving us good field position with everything. Those two scores kind of separated everything and they were obviously big momentum swingers for the game." - Wentz on linebacker Nigel Bradham's interception and the overall performance of the defense

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